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Another great explanatory Crossfit video!

This video helps further define Crossfit (sorry about the rough language, but ignore it…this program really works!)…

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Hey! Let’s all go to MIT!

I should have gone to MIT.

OK, I shouldn’t have done the pub crawl the night before the SAT’s…and I might have focused on my grades a little more. But never mind that. Our time has come.

MIT is now free and on the internet.

Well, sort of.

Check out this link to MIT OpenCourseWare. I listened to two physics lectures last week (video lectures) by Professor Walter Lewin…I even understood what he was saying.


Friends of mine will remember when I argued that MIT’s (and other top school’s) professors were really not better than those at Jackson Hole Community College and Ski School. Well, I was wrong. You’ll understand what I mean when you listen to and watch Professor Lewin’s lectures. Yes, professors can be geniuses at merely communicating…and Prof Lewin is a genius!

This is a hot new movement.

No, you can’t get a degree…yet. But you can listen to lectures and read lecture notes from TOP schools around the world.

Check it out.

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Here is a youtube video of various Julius Caesar statues – for comparison to the Bust

Here is an interesting video at youtube of various images of Caesar.

Here’s the link to the earlier posts…and the pic of the recently discovered bust appears below them…

Update on Caesar’s bust found at Arles

“Divers find Caesar bust that may date to 46 B.C.”

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Update on Caesar’s bust found at Arles

Here’s a little more info on Caesar’s bust found at Arles from Angelique Chrisafis (in Paris) in yesterday’s Guardian UK.

Here’s an excerpt…

“The important thing is that this is a bust taken from the living man,” said Michel L’Hour, head of the French government’s team for subaquatic archaeological research. “It’s done in the republican tradition of realism from real life – he looks aged, lined and balding. It’s extremely rare and most likely unique.”

The riddle that remains is why the bust ended up at the bottom of the river in the town dubbed “Little Rome in Gaul”.

“Perhaps this bust was thrown into the river after Caesar was assassinated because that was a difficult time to be considered a follower of his,” L’Hour said. “Or was it dumped because Caesar was becoming a tyrant who wanted to kill the republic and become emperor? It could have belonged to an important person, or it could have been placed on a public building.”


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Surfing With A Great White Shark (Video)

This is insane, but it is making the rounds on youtube and I thought it might be worth sharing. For cheap thrills, a surfer uses a rather large shark (attached to a large chunk of meat, a hook, and a heavy fishing line) to provide a power-assist in catching a wave.

Of course, this might be CGI, but I’ll leave it to you to decide (UPDATE: not to be a kill-joy, but I think some prop churn is visible just ahead of the shark in some of the shots…still vy good vid!).

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“Divers find Caesar bust that may date to 46 B.C.”

Read an even newer UPDATE with a video comparison of old Caesar images with the even older but newly found BUST…HERE


Here’s an excerpt (story link follows)…

Divers trained in archaeology discovered a marble bust of an aging Caesar in the Rhone River that France’s Culture Ministry said Tuesday could be the oldest known.

The life-sized bust showing the Roman ruler with wrinkles and hollows in his face is tentatively dated to 46 B.C. Divers uncovered the Caesar bust and a collection of other finds in the Rhone near the town of Arles – founded by Caesar.

Washington Times/AP

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Starting exercise as young as 12 may protect girls from future breast cancer

I just stumbled across this and thought it was worth sharing…

“Exercise may protect girls from future breast cancer” by LAURAN NEERGAARD at AP

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