And while we’re on the subject of Obama and Israel…

Let’s toss on a few extra logs on the Obama bonfire!

Philip Klein in American Spectator cuts to the chase about Obama’s slippery brilliance. Compared to Obama, Slick Willie is just a country-fried lip-biter. Here are a few brief, but tantalizing snippets from Klein’s article …

THROUGHOUT THE CAMPAIGN, Obama and his staffers have dismissed any scrutiny of his views on Israel with a blend of outrage and sarcasm, as if his record of support for Israel is so extensive, so undeniable, that anybody who raises doubts about his actual views is launching an inquisition.

But as is the case with most issues, Obama is such a blank slate, and has such a thin public record, that voters are forced to parse his statements, sift through his past, and examine those he chooses to associate with to get a better sense of his underlying philosophy.

And the following would be funny if it weren’t so frighteningly true…

The interesting thing about Obama’s candidacy is that his lack of experience, and the mixed messages he sends, enable close observers to come to drastically different conclusions as to what kind of policies he would support as president.

What is really scary is the idea that this is all part of Obama’s plan (could he possibly be that devious). He smiles for the public but then disguises himself like a Transformer (a Decepticon, to be precise), depending on the venue. Powerful stuff IMO.

Here’s the link to the article (it’s well worth reading)…

Stop Believing Obama


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