Does Obama’s refusal to accept responsibility for errors reflect on both his judgment…and his maturity!

Not only is Obama slippery when reporters try to pin down his myriad of often conflicting positions, but when “the buck” tries to make a sincere stop at his desk, he ever so gracefully steps to the side…often laying the blame at the feet of his staff and even his “enthusiastic” supporters. At first, I thought it was indeed possible that he might be innocent. But as it occurred over and over again, I began to wonder whether either (1) he has poor judgment in staff recruitment or (2), even worse, he lacks the backbone to stand up and face the music for his own mistakes. Of course, in the worst of all possible worlds, Obama may be guilty of both!

Clearly, a penchant for, say, running from responsibility is not a characteristic that many admire in a President.

Jake Tapper (of ABC News) explores this matter in some detail in…

Obama’s Inability to Hire Good Help Rears Its Head … Again


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