Update on Caesar’s bust found at Arles

Here’s a little more info on Caesar’s bust found at Arles from Angelique Chrisafis (in Paris) in yesterday’s Guardian UK.

Here’s an excerpt…

“The important thing is that this is a bust taken from the living man,” said Michel L’Hour, head of the French government’s team for subaquatic archaeological research. “It’s done in the republican tradition of realism from real life – he looks aged, lined and balding. It’s extremely rare and most likely unique.”

The riddle that remains is why the bust ended up at the bottom of the river in the town dubbed “Little Rome in Gaul”.

“Perhaps this bust was thrown into the river after Caesar was assassinated because that was a difficult time to be considered a follower of his,” L’Hour said. “Or was it dumped because Caesar was becoming a tyrant who wanted to kill the republic and become emperor? It could have belonged to an important person, or it could have been placed on a public building.”



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3 responses to “Update on Caesar’s bust found at Arles

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