Update on the Bush/Obama “appeasement” flap

Charles Hurt in the NY Post writes a follow-up article to yesterday’s “appeasement uproar”…HUGS FOR THUGS COULD SINK NAIVE OBAMA.

Here is an excerpt…

What is it about the word “appeasement” that got Barack Obama‘s ears ringing?

Without once uttering the freshman anti-war senator’s name, President Bush warned against negotiating with terrorists on the futile hope that a little more dialogue will turn these satanic beasts from their death pact to wipe Israel off the map and kill as many American men, women and children as possible.

Obama, who has proposed meeting with the leaders of Iran, Syria and North Korea just as soon as he gets into the White House, heard his name somewhere in the president’s speech and quickly issued a press release.

The White House insisted Obama was simply suffering from the narcissism that convinces so many politicians that everyone is talking about them.

Here’s a link to our comment yesterday…Bush accuses “unnamed” appeasers of “appeasement”…and Obama is offended (heheh)

Scott Johnson at Powerline blog also covers this matter nicely in “The lad he doth protest too much”


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