Hey! Let’s all go to MIT!

I should have gone to MIT.

OK, I shouldn’t have done the pub crawl the night before the SAT’s…and I might have focused on my grades a little more. But never mind that. Our time has come.

MIT is now free and on the internet.

Well, sort of.

Check out this link to OpenCourseWare.com. I listened to two physics lectures last week (video lectures) by Professor Walter Lewin. Here’s the link to Prof Lewin’s first lecture (LINK HERE)…I even understood what he was saying.

Friends of mine will remember when I argued that MIT (and other top schools) professors were really not better than those at Jackson Hole Community College and Ski School. Well, I was wrong. You’ll understand what I mean when you listen to and watch Professor Lewin’s lectures. Yes, professors can be geniuses at merely communicating…and Prof Lewin is a genius!

This is a hot new movement.

No, you can’t get a degree…yet. But you can listen to lectures and read lecture notes for TOP SCHOOL’s around the world.

Check it out.


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