Killer Ticket? McCain/Jindal!

If John McCain picks Bobby Jindal to join his ticket, we will be looking at a very exciting next four years. As this article points out vividly, Jindal is loaded with ideas. He makes Obama look like just what he is…an empty suit with a resume as thin as an orphan’s gruel.

Oh, and BTW, it’s just my humble opinion of course, but I think McCain understands full-well how unexciting a ticket of two old white guys would be. So as much as Charlie and Mitt are great guys, and smart, they can’t even begin to match the star power of Jindal.

Anyway, here’s the article on Jindal (by John Gizzi in Human Events)…

McCain Veepstakes: Bobby Jindal.

And here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite…

Meshing traditional conservative ideas such as tax cuts with newer concepts such as tax-free zones is an example of why, aside from his youth and moving life story, Jindal is increasingly talked of for national office.

At a time when even conservatives recoil from talk of abolishing some government agencies such as the Department of Education, Louisiana’s governor talks proudly of how he brought a Fortune 500 executive in to run the state Department of Labor and “in four months he has already proposed getting rid of his department. Why not come up with regional business councils, where the majority of the businesses are actual business owners, instead of the government’s going to the business owners and saying this is what we think you need in terms of training programs, and work force. They’re the customers, put them in charge of it.”

Whenever Jindal talks about shutting down a government agency such as the Department of Labor, he couples it, if he thinks it necessary with an immediate call for a positive alternative. In dismissing his state’s “charity hospitals”, a legacy of Huey Long’s governorship in the 1930s, as old and out-dated (“It doesn’t have the premiums, it doesn’t have the deductibles, it has very modest co-pays.”), Jindal makes a passionate pitch for “private coverage to involve health-savings accounts, purchasing pools, tax credits — and it’s going to involve changing the way that Medicaid and SCHIP operate.”



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