Obama’s Marxist advice!

Obama’s Marxist sentiments are not new to conservatives who have studied his shadowy biography. His embracing of Black Liberation Theology is completely consistent with Marxism. Rev Wright and Fr Pfleger are just more recent nails in that coffin.

Obama doesn’t understand where the roof over our head (collectively speaking) comes from. Social work–while wonderful–is an offshoot of capitalism. God bless social workers…but someone’s tax revenues must pay for that job.

What follows here is not perfect article on this subject…but it is worth considering (for the open minded, of course).

In today’s NYPost…

Obama is a Marxist


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One response to “Obama’s Marxist advice!

  1. Dark Skies

    Hey Barry…what’s your connection with “ACORN”?

    Just another misguided “minister”? Or are you a Marxist? Just tell us the truth!

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