Obama resigns from church!

What difference can this possibly make?

He sat in the pew for 20 years. He was advised spiritually by both Wright and Pfleger. He understood very well that TUCC, Wright, and Pfleger were proponents of Black Liberation Theology. He watched congregants cheer and hoot as hatred was spewed from the pulpit (for 20 years no less).

I mean, really…Wright would have to suffer from multiple personalities to preach love one Sunday and “G*d D*mn America” the next. I disagree with every thing Wright and Pfleger stand for but I certainly respect their honesty when it comes to speaking their minds. Everyone knows they don’t mince words, just as everyone knows that Obama knew exactly what was being preached at TUCC.

What Obama is trying to do is erase his past. He is like the criminal who shows remorse for his crimes by telling the judge and jury that “he sure is sorry…sorry, that is, he got caught!”

He has thrown so many people under the bus trying to escape his past that I am beginning to expect him to divorce Michelle and join a church in rural Pennsylvania.



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3 responses to “Obama resigns from church!

  1. Too much, too little, too late. An obvious decision for political expediency.

  2. I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

  3. Some people are reaching the conclusion that if Barack’s belief system was not in line with the church he’s attended for 20 years and his spiritual advisors, then he would have quit this church years ago. My friend is a rabid Obama fan. She traveled an hour and then waited five hours in line to see him. She is a broken-glass Democrat. Today she expressed serious doubts about BHO. I was shocked.

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