“Lieberman-Obama confrontation strains Democratic unity” (Guardian UK)

I hope Joe made it clear to “Jug Ears” that he will expose him to the American Jewish voters as the anti-Zionist he is!

Lieberman-Obama confrontation strains Democratic unity

By Elana Schor in Washington
Tuesday June 10 2008

As Barack Obama seeks to focus on his gruelling battle against John McCain, unwelcome scrutiny has followed his relationship with a powerful Democratic senator – not Hillary Clinton, but Joseph Lieberman.

Just one day after Obama triumphantly claimed his party’s presidential nomination last week, Lieberman took the unusual step of appearing on behalf of the McCain campaign to attack the Illinois senator.

Lieberman, a staunch Iraq war supporter who recast himself as an “independent Democrat” in 2006 after losing to a liberal challenger, endorsed McCain earlier this year but had refrained from directly criticising Obama.

When the newly minted Democratic nominee encountered Lieberman on the floor of the Senate, he pulled Al Gore’s former running mate aside for a heated conversation with a flock of reporters just out of earshot.

The Obama-Lieberman encounter has kept tongues wagging in official Washington ever since. One Obama aide anonymously told Newsweek that his boss urged Lieberman to more forcefully rebut the persistent – and false – rumour that he is a Muslim.

The Lieberman camp fired back: “If the Obama campaign thinks they are going to intimidate Joe Lieberman with these sleazy tactics, then they are sorely mistaken,” an aide told ABC news today.

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One response to ““Lieberman-Obama confrontation strains Democratic unity” (Guardian UK)

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Yes Obama is picking at the wrong man when messing with Lieberman. Another bad judgement call by Obama! Has anyone notice here lately that Obama is getting really worried about being a muslim! He is so worried about it that he is acting like a 5 grader! He is so worried that he is setting up a war room! Now he is worried! 🙂

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