The Church of Oprah!

There was a time when I thought Oprah was a positive influence. She had pulled herself up by her bootstraps and encouraged others to do the same. However, lately, she appears to have gone over the edge of the cliff.

Check this out…



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3 responses to “The Church of Oprah!

  1. maryjo holman

    Oprah is a breath of fresh air, in my opinion. The backlash against her is born of fear of God, which is the most destructive kind of fear that there is. Jesus came to earth to reveal a God of love – a loving FATHER. What loving parent among us is willing to damn a child for disobedience? If you can’t find it is your heart to be cruel to YOUR child, how much more loving must our spiritual parent be?

    It is time to rediscover Jesus’ revelation of God to mankind – to rediscover the loving and merciful nature of our heavenly Father, as revealed in the life of the Master. No parent wants the grudging obedience and fearful allegience of their beloved child, and neither does God. We love God because he is lovable, not angry and likely to harm us.

    We can find God in the realms of our innermost hearts, for that is where he dwells – not in churches and so-called sacred books. The Kingdom truly IS within. Oprah is right – God is far larger, grander and more amazing than any concept of the human brain. Be still and know that he is God. Relax already…God loves you, and this is a friendly universe of his creation.

  2. Dark Skies

    To maryjo holman:

    In all due respect, what kind of parent who loves their children doesn’t discipline them and teach them how to grow in strength and goodness?

    God doesn’t damn mankind…we damn ourselves by turning away from God and his instructions. God is holy and wants us to be holy. The only product of sin (non-holiness) is personal destruction. God doesn’t want us to destroy ourselves but to learn how to overcome the destructive perversion of those aspects of life that might otherwise be wonderful and constructive.

    Oprah is now teaching that there is no sin. She is saying “do as you will…God doesn’t care.” If we as parents want what’s best for our children, how much more does God? He cares enough to have sent His Son to rescue us each and every one from our self-destruction.

    Maybe you didn’t need to be rescued from your self-destructive ways…but I sure did!

    Any mature person knows that sin is the perversion of something that otherwise might be quite good. One or two glasses of wine, good…staying drunk all the time, destructive. Sex in a committed relationship strengthens the relationship. Sexual promiscuity makes it difficult to even have a relationship and even leads to disease and sexual addiction. The list goes on and on.

    Oprah is IMHO leading folks down a very dangerous path!

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