Will Obama usher in the next golden age of conservatism? (Jeffrey Lord)

If Obama does somehow beat McCain, we know from history that his plan to offer government intervention as a solution to the nation’s problems is doomed. And, in the internet age, the voting public will know of his failure as quickly as they realized that the use of biofuels, as a substitute for oil, is driving up food prices.

Obama is like a teenager…naive in his idealism and apparently oblivious to the lessons of history. He will smilingly implement his Marxist agenda only to see it flop. And when it flops, conservatism will rush to the rescue.

Jeffrey Lord makes this point nicely in The American Spectator. Here is an excerpt (link to source follows)…

Forty-four years ago this year the seeds of the conservative success that would flower with the leadership of Ronald Reagan were firmly rooted in the landslide that elected Lyndon Johnson. It is not without irony that the power to transform the liberal agenda into the list LBJ cited so proudly in his memoirs eventually backfired and backfired badly, fueling the Reagan Revolution. Lyndon Johnson took FDR’s New Deal and ran the string out to its logical conclusion in the American system — and Americans, appalled at the cost, the bureaucracy, the extravagance and the incompetence, finally rebelled. The bill for LBJ’s list had come due.

Barack Obama has without doubt now lashed himself irrevocably to the 21st century version of LBJ’s domestic agenda. What should disturb liberals is that even if Obama manages to make it past John McCain in the general election, he is headed for a presidency, like LBJ’s, that will leave a legacy of failure. LBJ’s failures, reinforced by the mercifully brief disaster of Jimmy Carter, helped ensure the defeat of seven post-LBJ Democratic presidential nominees who voluntarily assumed his mantle. Even the supposedly unbeatable Bill Clinton could not muster fifty percent of the vote in either of his elections, something Ronald Reagan had no problem with in the three-way 1980 election. To underline the point, after watching Clinton spend his first two years trying to jam an LBJ-style health care plan through the Congress, Americans gave control of both House and Senate to the GOP for the first time in over four decades.

Just as oysters need irritation for pearls, the next golden age of conservatism hovers at the edge of an Obama presidency.

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  1. goodtimepolitics

    Looks to be that Obama is already distracted from the issues and has something else in mind! 🙂

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