Secretary of Defense Gates and the Air Force (Ralph Peters)

Lt Col Ralph Peters praises Gates as possibly the best SecDef this country has ever had. Here’s an excerpt and a link to his article in the NYPost

Gates’ most-recent demonstration of patriotic guts involved firing the Air Force secretary and chief of staff.

They had it coming. The secretary was oblivious and inert. The chief of staff, Gen. Michael “Buzz” Moseley, thought that the only Air Force missions that mattered were supporting Lockheed Martin and fighting attempts to expand the use of cost-effective UAVs (a k a “drones”).

A member of the Air Force’s notorious “fighter-pilot mafia,” Moseley pushed bankrupting buys of aircraft-without-an-enemy, such as the F-22 – then refused to send that platinum-plated piece of junk to Iraq, where its defects and limitations would’ve been exposed before the buy was complete.

Meanwhile, Moseley and the dozing service secretary continued to neglect our nation’s nuclear deterrent – even after repeated embarrassments showed that mission and safety standards had eroded almost to Soviet levels.

Moseley always had an excuse for every security breach. But Gates wasn’t interested in excuses. Instead, he applied a military axiom: “The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters.”

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