Would Obama be our first female President?

Obama certainly strikes many Americans as more than a little limp-wristed. And his sashay at the bowling alley didn’t enhance his “manly” image any more than did his 37 score.

Let’s face it, Obama is an arugula-eating, white-wine-sipping, pencil-necked pacifist.

Remember the pacifists you knew in elementary school? They were the ones that called in sick rather than face the bully at school. Common sense told us back then that avoidance is not a solution to aggression.

Yet Obama wants us to engage in “civilized” dialogue with those who threaten our country with aggression. Does anyone think inviting the neighborhood bully for a chat over tea and scones is going to assuage his belligerence?

Not me.

And apparently even the NYTimes (Susan Faludi) is beginning to wonder. Check this out…

New York Times: Obama Is a Girlie Man

The Patriot Room
by Bill Dupray

This would make his dad proud. The New York Times does a piece on how much of a wuss Obama is and they think they are doing him a favor. Sometimes you have to get on your knees and be thankful that the Left says stuff for which the Right would be crucified, and then the Right gets to beat them over the head with it and thank them for the pull quotes.

From a New York Times Op-Ed, via the inimitable Moe Lane at RedState, 2008 is the election of the Girlie-Man v. John Wayne.

For months, our political punditry foresaw one, and only one, prospective gender contest looming in the general election: between the first serious female presidential candidate and the Republican male “warrior.” But those who were dreading a plebiscite on sexual politics shouldn’t celebrate just yet. Hillary Clinton may be out of the race, but a Barack Obama versus John McCain match-up still has the makings of an epic American gender showdown.

The reason is a gender ethic that has guided American politics since the age of Andrew Jackson. The sentiment was succinctly expressed in a massive marble statue that stood on the steps of the United States Capitol from 1853 to 1958. Named “The Rescue,” but more commonly known as “Daniel Boone Protects His Family,” the monument featured a gigantic white pioneer in a buckskin coat holding a nearly naked Indian in a death’s grip, while off to the side a frail white woman crouched over her infant.

The question asked by this American Sphinx to all who dared enter the halls of leadership was, “Are you man enough?” This year, Senator Obama has notably refused to give the traditional answer.

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