Ex CIA Director James Woolsey on Obama: giving terrorists access to U.S. courts was an “extremely dangerous and an extremely naive approach to terrorism.”

Rumor: The Obama campaign staff is having second thoughts about the Obama iconography in light of the accusations that he is “dangerously naive.” Here are the two connected icons that have created the stir…

Coincidence or not? 😉

And we hope someone reminds the Obama campaign staff of the copyright ramifications! You’d think a Harvard-trained lawyer would know that Disney might be a bit, er, touchy about Obama’s borrowing their proprietary imagery.

BTW, here is the article in the Chicago Sun Times about McCain’s advisors’ comments on Mickey’s…I mean, Obama’s…dangerous naivete…

Obama ‘delusional’?
“CAMPAIGN 2008 | McCain, ex-CIA chief doubt Obama’s readiness to deal with terrorists”

by Lynn Sweet
Chicago Sun Times


During a McCain campaign conference call with reporters, former CIA head James Woolsey said Obama’s support of giving terrorists access to U.S. courts was an “extremely dangerous and an extremely naive approach to terrorism.”

McCain senior foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann said if Obama “got that 3 a.m. phone call” — a reference to an ad Sen. Hillary Clinton ran before the Texas and Ohio primaries questioning Obama’s experience — his response would be to “call the lawyers in the Justice Department.” He also called Obama “delusional.”


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10 responses to “Ex CIA Director James Woolsey on Obama: giving terrorists access to U.S. courts was an “extremely dangerous and an extremely naive approach to terrorism.”

  1. gasdocpol

    Woolsey was a member of the now defunct PNAC who got us into the Iraq fiasco.

    Thank God Clinton did not listen to him about invading Iraq.

    It them became apparent to PNAC that they needed a weak-minded GOP President to pull off the Iraq fiasco. That was where GW Bush came in.

  2. Dark Skies

    BTW…the “Rumor” is purely satire, however much the icons are similar!

  3. goodtimepolitics

    Obama would do anything to help the muslims and you can see this by what he said! He also wants to enbrace the president of Iran who wants to remove Israel from the map!

  4. Dark Skies


    Thanks for your comment!

    But as to why we invaded Iraq, did you forget the following (check out the post itself)…

    Saddam awarded Pali suicide bombers’ families handsomely!

  5. Dark Skies

    Cheese and Crackers…is there no connection with you guys of the Mickey and Obama iconography? 😉

    I guess it was a weaker link than I imagined!

  6. Dark Skies


    If someone beats my brother or my friend…is that not an affront to me?

    Is not Israel an ally to America?

    You are obviously an anti-Zionist. And its a free world. Choose your medicine.

    But around here…we are pro-Israel!


    Pick a fight with my Jewish brother…and you pick a fight with ME!

  7. goodtimepolitics

    Agree Dark Skies, I been trying to get gasdocpol to come get into the winning wagon but he keeps refusing! 🙂
    Maybe he could answer this for me.

  8. Dark Skies


    I think I overreacted and I apologize.

    Even though I am not Jewish, I am a rather passionate supporter of Israel. I realize that just because a person is not pro-Zionism doesn’t mean that person is anti-semitic…but being a naturally feisty person, I sometimes react too quickly.


  9. gasdocpol

    Dark skies

    Jews have contributed mightily to Western Civilization even before Jesus and including but not limited to Einstein and Freud .

    Their contributions to the world’s list of great names in literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning, are way out of proportion to the 1% of the world’s present population.

    That same energy and excellence that Jews have exhibited in other endeavors, has gone into building Israel.

    Yes, the Palestinians lost the West Bank and Jeruselem when they decided to “push the Jews into the sea” in 1967.

    But, the USA and Britain helped the Jews take a bunch of Arab land, mostly in the aftermath of world War 2.

    In the minds of Americans, somehow they deserved the land because :

    1. They were persecuted in the Holocaust. (Which the Palestinians had nothing to do with)
    2. They were promised that land by Jehova.

    Rightly or wrongly, all Arabs are outraged by the presense of Israel.

    Rightly, they are angry at the USA for its UNCONDITIONAL support of Israel.

    The Jewish lobby gives millions to Democrats and Republicans so that the USA gives billions to Israel. No American politician can ever be openly atheist or against Israel.

    Just as capitalism works best when it is kept honest by APPROPRIATE goverment regulation, so too does the Jewish state need to be kept honest by the USA acting as an honest broker.

  10. Dark Skies


    Great comment!

    I have been thinking about it all day…and will try to post a retort over the weekend (busy day here).


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