Saddam awarded Pali suicide bombers’ families handsomely! Invasion of Iraq a blunder, Obama?

For those of us who forget about the reasons we deposed Saddam, let’s look back to what he was doing prior to the U.S.invasion in 2003.

One of the many ways Saddam Hussein (“Hussein”…that rings a bell somehow) was supporting terrorism (against Israel, in this case) was by awarding the surviving families of Hamas suicide bombers $25,000 apiece. Families of militants who were killed in the general fighting against Israel or the families of Palestinians who were killed as part of collateral damage of responding Israeli operations were awarded $10,000. The Palestinian Arab Liberation Front (PALF) stated that up to $35 million had been paid out prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 (since 2000).

BTW, keep in mind that $25,000 (or $10,000 for that matter) is a small fortune to the families of Pali terrorists.

This is a good reminder to Israel of just how Obama supports her yet curiously believes the invasion of Iraq was a “blunder.” Israel should remind herself how many more citizens would have died at the hands of suicide bombers had these payments not ceased!

Source: BBC — “Palestinians get Saddam funds”


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