Ralph Peters on Obama: Stunningly naive on national security!

UPDATE 8/9/2008: For Ralph Peters fans, see his article posted here today…Ralph Peters’ assessment of the Georgia-Russia conflict. (NY Post)

In Ralph Peters’ current article in the New York Post, he doesn’t mince words about Obama’s painfully poor grasp of national security issues. He also makes another point that is completely new to our ears and shocking if true. Peters says:

Those who knew Obama in his university days claim that he couldn’t be persuaded to study history.

This would go a long way in explaining many of Obama’s gaffes and misstatements. If true, and we have no reason to believe Peters would make such a claim if not based on evidence, Obama would be as dangerously naive as he seems.

One can only hope that the MSM eventually comes to its senses and helps to expose this “Chauncey Gardiner” for the empty suit he is.

Read the Ralph Peters article here…




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3 responses to “Ralph Peters on Obama: Stunningly naive on national security!

  1. goodtimepolitics

    This is what Obama would be like if he was president and with little if any experience. He would try and lie his way around things that could be harmful to our great Nation! Therefore why should we take that chance. Good post and keep getting the word out to the American people!
    Here is another one of Obama’s lies!

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  3. Dear Mr. peters,

    I am watching you on C-Span comment on the Russian invasion of Georgia. I am not clear on all the details which precipitated this invasion…not many people are talking about “WHY” this is happening. However, I am fearful that this is nothing more than a deliberate and calculated distraction orchestrated by the Russians to get us to take our eyes off of Iran.

    Either that, or Russia is testing us to draw the U.S. into the conflict so they can flex their power with the oil trade.

    As you sited at the AEI, this operation was NOT a knee jerk reaction by the Russians. This smells of a pre-planned attack.

    I seriously think something is going on in Iran and this little invasion is just a diversion. Please tap your sources to be sure nothing significant is going on in that region.

    Thank you.

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