CHRC drops complaint against Mark Steyn and Maclean’s

Link to Steyn’s article below the Globe and Mail story…

Rights panel rejects action against Maclean’s

June 27, 2008

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed a complaint against Maclean’s magazine over a controversial article on the future of Islam, magazine officials said yesterday.

Meanwhile, a decision from the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal over the same issue isn’t expected for several months.

The Canadian Islamic Congress launched the dual complaints over an article by Maclean’s journalist Mark Steyn. The article, “The Future Belongs to Islam,” came under fire by Muslim critics who claimed it spreads Islamophobia.

Earlier this month, closing arguments were made before B.C.’s Human Rights Tribunal over the article, which appeared in Maclean’s in October, 2006.

HT to Clarice Feldman at American Thinker and Ezra Levant.

As mentioned in the quote above, it was Steyn’s article in Maclean’s, “The Future Belongs to Islam,” that was at the center of the controversy. As the old saying goes, “if you’re catching flak, you must be over the target.” Read the article and see for yourself the “bomb” that Steyn was dropping.

BTW, you may remember Ezra Levant as the publisher of the now defunct Western Standard in Alberta. It was during his tenure at the Western Standard that Ezra displayed the courage found lacking in so many publishers around the world when in February 13, 2006 he republished the cartoons of Muhammad (first published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten).

Ezra’s Western Standard was the first widely-published English Canadian media outlet to do so.

Bravo, Ezra!


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