Obama: “All turban, no goats”

Salena Zito writes a piece today about Obama in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that asks that age old question “where’s the beef?”

Obama’s is running as a celebrity…not a person of substance.

He has no record to speak of, no experience (he started running for President just after he arrived in Washington), never held a real job (unless you consider “community agitation” a real job), never lived on the mainland U.S. until college (and then mostly at NYC and Cambridge MA)…and, last but certainly not least, what he stands for (his positions, even his “word”) shifts depending on the audience he is addressing.

As an aside, I once knew a guy who was, like Obama, always getting promoted to the next level before he could gain any real experience. He was a hot shot…a real comer. Unfortunately, knowing how to “rise up the ladder” isn’t a particularly useful skill set once one settles into a job and must actually perform.

As for the guy I knew, he was promoted all the way to CEO. And guess what…within 3 years, the company had to be liquidated (broken into pieces and sold) to prevent bankruptcy.

Obama’s rise has also been meteoric…but he has no real experience. On top of having no experience, he has shown himself to be a person of questionable character (viz. as mentioned above, changing his “word” to suit his audience).

The Presidency is arguably the most important and demanding job in the country…probably in the world. If Obama is elected, we will have a chief executive officer and commander-in-chief whose only proven skill is getting promoted.

Anyway, enough of the rant…here’s the article (excerpt and link)…

Character judgment

By Salena Zito
Sunday, June 29, 2008

By all accounts, Barack Obama should win this election. He and his brand control the image, the message and, to a large extent, the media of this election cycle.

Yes, the media. He has enough money to buy ads every day from now to election day, glossy magazines cannot wait to put his image on their covers, Hollywood types are so smitten that they wear his image on their clothing and YouTube is bursting at the seams with homages to him.

It is definitely his to win — or to lose.

It all hinges on two things: likability and character.

Obama certainly is likable enough; no one gives “speech” better than the Illinois senator.

Yet what about character? Because of Obama’s newness and his lack of testing under difficult political circumstances, what do we know about his character?

Read the rest…

And just for your viewing pleasure, here’s a timeless reminder…


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One response to “Obama: “All turban, no goats”

  1. goodtimepolitics

    I agree that Obama has no experience and I also have seen people moved to the top of a job and once they get there without experience they don’t last very long! If Obama gets into the WhiteHouse I will give him a one term as president because of his stupid mistakes he keeps making, one after another! His race card is wearing thin I would think!

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