Krauthammer on Obama, the candidate of daily change!

We can’t say much about the “hope” promised but Obama has already delivered on his platform of “change.” Every day he dazzles by morphing into a new person with brand new positions. Krauthammer summarizes today…

Barack Obama is a man for all seasons

NYDaily News

You’ll notice Barack Obama is now wearing a flag pin. Again. During the primary campaign, he refused to, explaining that he’d worn one after 9/11 but then stopped because it “became a substitute for, I think, true patriotism.”

So why is he back to sporting pseudo-patriotism on his chest? Need you ask? The primaries are over. While seducing the hard-core MoveOn Democrats who delivered him the caucuses – hence, the Democratic nomination – Obama not only disdained the pin. He disparaged it. Now that he’s running in a general election against John McCain, and in dire need of the gun-and-God-clinging working-class votes he could not win against Hillary Clinton, the pin is back. His country ’tis of thee.

In last week’s column, I thought I had thoroughly chronicled Obama’s brazen reversals of position and abandonment of principles – on public financing of campaigns, on NAFTA, on telecom immunity for post-9/11 wiretaps, on unconditional talks with Ahmadinejad – as he moved to the center for the general election campaign. I misjudged him. He was just getting started.

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One response to “Krauthammer on Obama, the candidate of daily change!

  1. Calvin

    Obama is leaving skid marks on his move from the far left to the center! He is no change from politics as usual other than he is politics as usual on steroids.

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