“Obama’s own voice may haunt him” (Politico)

Obama’s hubris and love of the spotlight have caused him to commit his beliefs and thoughts to print and even voice recordings in ways that will certainly come back to haunt him (BTW, did you know hubris was a crime in ancient Athens?).

He is a target rich environment and it is going to be fun to see him face the music he has so “artfully” avoided thus far.

Obama’s own voice may haunt him


Barack Obama has proven a difficult target to hit—just ask Hillary Clinton. Opposition researchers, though, hope that they’ve found a weapon to wound Obama in his own voice as recorded for the Grammy Award-winning audio version of his 1995 memoir, “Dreams from My Father.”

While candidates often have their own words turned against them in attack ads, it’s one thing to see past statements in bloc text and something else entirely to hear the same words in the office-seeker’s own voice.

“I think the audio version makes a much more immediate impact” than the print version of his memoir, said conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, who’s already played audio excerpts from the book on his syndicated radio show. “It turns out to be very jarring to many ears to hear Obama talking about his youthful adventures, his attitudes on race.”

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One response to ““Obama’s own voice may haunt him” (Politico)

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Yes he like to make speeches without anyone asking him questions which he can not answer truthfully without given himself away! What gets this American is there are so many people falling down on their knees to this black man that they think is their Jesus! People are in sad shape.
    Good post by-the-way and thats all we can do is get the truth out there and if the people still think he’s Jesus then oh well!

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