“MCCAIN RIPS GRAMM” (choreographed or not?)


I don’t buy this for a minute…but IMO it is nicely choreographed. It looks like McCain is taking a page from the Obama playbook (I just hope he doesn’t eject Gramm from the campaign ala Weasley Clark).

And BTW, this is not a bad strategy on the face of it. It helps McCain get in the news with a framing–if only by refutation–of an issue of his choosing.

Here’s an excerpt and link…

From NBC’s Domenico Montanaro

McCain slammed economic adviser Phil Gramm for his “mental recession” and “nation of whiners” comment. He said he didn’t agree with him and even proposed a position in a McCain administration — ambassador to Belarus, “though I’m not sure the citizens of Minsk would welcome that,” McCain said.

“I don’t agree with Sen. Gramm,” McCain said at a news conference this afternoon. “I believe that the person here in Michigan who just lost their job, isn’t suffering from a ‘mental recession.’ The mother here who is trying to get enough money to feed her children, isn’t ‘whining.’”

Read the rest…


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