Behind the scenes of the FARC hostage rescue

This article at Strategy Page doesn’t give all the juicy details of the hostage rescue of course because that would compromise the continuing operations…but what it does say (and imply) is quite interesting.

Here’s an excerpt and link…

Frying FARC With A Classic Deception
July 11, 2008

The recent rescue of fifteen high-profile kidnapping victims in Colombia was, it turns out, a classic deception operation. In short, Colombian military intelligence had taken advantage of the recent death of the FARC founder, and Internet access to both the rebel group (led by a fellow called Cesar) that was holding the fifteen high value hostages, and the new FARC leader (Alfonso Cano). Colombian intel knew that Cano and Cesar had never met, and knew very little about each other.

So the military intel took a chance and used a communications relay (a third party that passed on email messages, to make it more difficult for the government to identify and locate rebel leaders) they had taken over, to make Cesar believe that Cano had ordered him to move the hostages (to where they could be rescued), and keep Cano in the dark about what was going on.

Read the rest…


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  1. Mer Pints

    great job, good intel pays…

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