Obama furious about New Yorker cover–McCain says “me too” (heheh)

Obama continues to shock! He’s furious (furious, I tell you) about the cover of The New Yorker! And so is John McCain–just furious!;-)

Actually, I like the cover.

There is ample evidence that the portrayal of Obama as, er, “exotic” and Michelle as “angry” accurately represents what many American voters believe. I mean, Michelle had never been “proud” of her country before Barack became popular and Barack did say (to Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times) that the Muslim call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”

Many Americans are scared to death of Michelle and Barack. I think The New Yorker captures that fear nicely.

The Obama campaign and the Obama fanatics have long hidden behind an accusation of “racism” which they would hurl at anyone who would question their messiah. But it isn’t racist to fear Obama might be an Islamist sympathizer at a time when the civilized world is under attack by that group. And it isn’t racist to question Michelle’s patriotism when she herself has called her country “downright mean.”

It’s just common sense.

Here’s that image again (funny how it doesn’t turn up with a “Google Image” search)…


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