The Ego has Landed: “Obama says situation in Afghanistan is precarious”

Whew! What a relief! I was worried about our effort in Afghanistan but believe we can rest easy now that Obama has given his personal assessment.

Here’s an update from AP (excerpt and link)…

Obama says situation in Afghanistan is precarious

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says the situation in Afghanistan “precarious” and “urgent.”

In an interview broadcast Sunday during his first trip to Afghanistan, Obama said the U.S. needs to start planning now to send in more troops. He has called for an additional one to two brigades — or about 7,000 troops — to be sent to Afghanistan to help counter a resurgent Taliban and quell rising violence.

Obama told CBS News that Afghanistan has to be the central focus in the fight against terrorists.

He said the Bush administration allowed itself to be distracted by a “war of choice” but now is the time to correct the mistake.

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