Obama: Celebrity President!

Obama is the Paris Hilton of Presidential politics. He is famous for being famous. And, at least according to the press, that is qualification enough.

Never mind that he is basically a two term state legislator (1997–2004) who starting campaigning for the Presidency as soon as he arrived at the U.S. Senate.

He’s not just form over substance–he’s all form and no substance.

Obama is pure media creation. He’s a pet rock, a Milli Vanilli–he’s the Spice Girls without the song and dance routine.

Yesterday, I had an acquaintance tell me that Obama is the most qualified man running. When I asked what it is that makes him “most qualified,” his response was–you guessed it–“judgment.” When I asked for an example of Obama’s judgment he said–you guessed it again–“opposition to the Iraq War.”

Keep in mind that Obama was an Illinois State Legislator when the Iraq War began, so he wasn’t privy to the intelligence available to the President, members of Congress, and our military leaders.

Obama’s judgment was so good, he didn’t need any intelligence to oppose the war. He just “felt” it was a bad move. That’s not judgment–insight maybe, or luck, but not judgment.

David Warren paints an accurate picture of Obama in today’s Real Clear Politics [emphasis added]…

He’s a candle in the wind, a leaf on the breeze. He has no “vision” whatever, of his own or of America’s place in the world. He is good at writing “charisma” speeches, and even better at delivering them.

Read what Ronald Reagan wrote, in his own hand, and often only to himself, over many years (there is the collection aptly entitled: Reagan, In His Own Hand) — and you find a man who is consistently thinking about his people and his nation, about what is right and what will work. Then read Obama’s Dreams From My Father. It is all about finding himself. It is a well-written book, an interesting piece of literature, but it is strictly narcissistic.

Obama’s deeper appeal is also to people who are “looking for themselves,” obsessively; who have little or no “formation” (as the Catholics call it), no hard core of tested beliefs, forged in confrontation with the world; no beliefs to go to the Wall for. Instead he lightly holds the transient opinions of his progressive milieu, like a chameleon. Which is to say, absolutely consistent in colouration, until the background changes.


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