Obama–Angel of Light (Gerard Baker mocks the Anointed One)

UPDATE! See the video and listen to Gerard Baker read his piece on youtube video…click here.

This is hilarious and more than a little scary in its implication. One would think Obama would add a dash of humility to leaven his recipe, but no–he relishes his messiahship.

He ventured forth to bring light to the world
“The anointed one’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a miracle in action – and a blessing to all his faithful followers”

By Gerard Baker
Times UK

And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant), when the whole land from the Arabian desert to the shores of the Great Lakes had been laid barren, that a Child appeared in the wilderness.

The Child was blessed in looks and intellect. Scion of a simple family, offspring of a miraculous union, grandson of a typical white person and an African peasant. And yea, as he grew, the Child walked in the path of righteousness, with only the occasional detour into the odd weed and a little blow.

When he was twelve years old, they found him in the temple in the City of Chicago, arguing the finer points of community organisation with the Prophet Jeremiah and the Elders. And the Elders were astonished at what they heard and said among themselves: “Verily, who is this Child that he opens our hearts and minds to the audacity of hope?”

In the great Battles of Caucus and Primary he smote the conniving Hillary, wife of the deposed King Bill the Priapic and their barbarian hordes of Working Class Whites.

And so it was, in the fullness of time, before the harvest month of the appointed year, the Child ventured forth – for the first time – to bring the light unto all the world.

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5 responses to “Obama–Angel of Light (Gerard Baker mocks the Anointed One)

  1. Ron Rossington

    Bloody well superb!!!!!!

  2. o holy one, and angel of all earthlings what hast thou wrought?

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  4. goodtimepolitics

    I heard that Obama was planning on walking back home from across the pond.
    I’m not sure if he will devide the water or walk on top! But I’m sure that most blacks think he can do just that. 🙂

  5. Sandra

    Excellent satire. Unfortunately, it’s also kind of scary. How stupid will we Americans be in November???

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