Ralph Peters’ assessment of the Georgia-Russia conflict. (NY Post)

For my money, Col Peters usually does a pretty darned good job of summing up a military situation.

In today’s NY Post, he gives us his take on what Russia is up to in Georgia. Excerpt and link…

What just happened? The Kremlin decided it was time to act, since Georgia was only growing stronger under its democratically elected government. Although NATO has been hemming and hawing about admitting Georgia, the Russians didn’t want to take any chances. (Just last month, 1,000 US troops were in Georgia for an exercise.)

Calculating that the media and world leaders would be partying in Beijing, the Russians ordered North Ossetian militiamen, backed by Russian “peacekeepers” and mercenaries, to provoke the Georgians earlier this month.

Weary of the Russian presence on their soil, the Georgians took the bait. President Mikheil Saakashvili ordered his US-trained military to respond.

That was the excuse the Kremlin wanted. Immediately, a tank brigade from Russia’s 58th Army (the butchers of Chechnya) crossed the international border into Poland – sorry, I meant Georgia.

How do I know that the Russians set a trap? Simple: Given the wretched state of Russian military readiness, that brigade could never have shot out of its motor pool on short notice. The Russians obviously “task-organized” the force in advance to make sure it would have working tanks with competent crews.

Otherwise, broken-down vehicles would’ve lined those mountain roads.

The Russians planned it. And they hope to push it to the limit.


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From the campaign trail, Obama has postponed his Hawaiian vacation and will fly to Atlanta to meet with Governor Sonny Purdue so that he might get a first-hand look at this attack on the U.S. mainland.

Additionally, he has called on President Bush to put the National Guard Units of all 57 states on full alert.;-)



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3 responses to “Ralph Peters’ assessment of the Georgia-Russia conflict. (NY Post)

  1. New York Girl

    Ralph Peters doesn’t know what he is talking about. It is very sad. The man clearly has a personal animosity towards Russia, probably stemming from the cold war era during which he was brought up. Being a journalist, Mr. Peters would have served his profession better by posting both sides to the story, as there are indeed two sides.

    Russia saw Georgian attack on sovereign territory of Osetia as a clear act of aggression and responded. Didn’t US do the same thing over and over again in Iraq, Korea and Afganistan? In this case, the little helpless country in the middle of this–Osetia–actually asks for Russia’s help. It has no one to turn to. Georgia all of a sudden decides that it needs to teach Osetia to behave and launches an attack. Just like Iran pleaded when Iraq invaded it in 1980, Osetia pleaded Russia to stand by.

    In fact, given the situation, Georgian attack is carefully calculated to create the conflict between Russia and the US, since Georgia is subsidized by the US government. The Georgian President is dangerous to the world stability and peace. He is dangerous to Georgian people, who suffer because of his ruthless and tactless strategy. US must condemn his actions and everything will return to status quo.

    Finally, Mr. Peters needs to remember to write about two sides of the story, especially in such serious circumstances. Such shallow coverage of the situation may actually sway public opinion and be a recipe to a disaster.

  2. Ruthenia

    How in the world you can get to S.Osetia less in 24 hr. moving one 54 Russian army?I was in soviet army in 90’s . The Russians were not provoke by the Georgians, they already have the plan how to destroy independent Georgia.FSB, GRU and KGB did a good home work!
    S.Ossetia it was no man world in 90’s.
    The Russians used Georgians to clean-up from Chechens in 2002-05 S.Ossetia.
    The Georgians did have a problem with S.Ossetians over 2 years: two truck load of mines cover by Russian, heavy shelling, drugs …killings of Georgian police and on and on
    Mr. Saakashvili is democratically elected President of Georgia in the same time V.Putin and Medvedev is selected PM and President of Russia.

    Mr. Peters is one hundred percent right.

  3. Chris

    New York Girl…
    I have to admit that I have an interest on this as Lt Col Peters is a friend of mine. Lt Col Ralph Peters does know exactly what he’s talking about. He’s been to the region numerous times, and knows exactly the capabilities of Russian armour as he served in the intelligence corps of the US Army. As an ex serviceman myself (British Army) I can assure you Ralph knows exactly what he’s talking about. He’s actually got a book out at the moment describing his experiences in the region – “Looking for Trouble”. He will be the first to admit that he dislikes the Russian Government because as a man of honour he dislikes bullies.

    As a Brit I know exactly whaat the Russians are capable of, I have travelled to numerous countries at the recieving end of Russian Aggression (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep, Slovak Rep, Slovenia) and say that the Russians are simply reverting to type. The Russians have also been poisoning political opponents in our country with Radioactive substances, harassing our english teachers in Russia, harassing businessmen, threatening our Ambassador, clamping down on free speech in their country, murdering journalists that do not agree with their government etc. Compare that to the Georgians who have done my country and yours no harm whatsoever. Right now I wouldn’t trust the Russian Government if it told me the sky is blue.

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