Bobby Jindal: No racial attacks against Obama by McCain

This is from a Times of India article but is sourced to the Jake Tapper interview with Jindal on ABC’s This Week (our effort to embed the video here was unsuccessful, so click the link to view it).

Even though Jindal has stated that he doesn’t want to run as McCain’s Veep, he would be a devastating weapon against Obama if he were selected…

Indian-American Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal has denied that the campaign of Republican presidential nominee John McCain is resorting to racist attacks against Democratic rival Barack Obama.

“I see the Republican Party and Senator McCain going after Obama for trying to raise our taxes, for not doing enough to lower energy prices, on tapping the strategic petroleum reserve, on offshore drilling,” Jindal said on ABC’s This Week programme.

“I think there are plenty of substantive differences that this campaign will be decided on.”


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