Corsi’s “The Obama Nation” at No. 1 on NY Times Best Sellers List (for hardback nonfiction)

Per the NY Times

But books like “Unfit for Command,” which remained for some 12 weeks on the Times best-seller list, and, now, “The Obama Nation,” have become an effective and favored delivery system for political attacks. There have been anti-Clinton (both Bill and Hillary) and anti-Bush books too numerous to name. The sensational findings in these books, true or dubious, can quickly come to dominate the larger political discussion in the news media, especially on cable television and the less readily detectible confines of talk radio and partisan Web sites.

Here’s the link to the NY Times Best Seller List.

BTW, The Obama Nation is currently holding the #9 position at Amazon (update: #1 as of 8/15/2008). Click the pic to read reviews at Amazon …



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7 responses to “Corsi’s “The Obama Nation” at No. 1 on NY Times Best Sellers List (for hardback nonfiction)

  1. James McPherson

    Though I know Corsi is popular with some conservatives–he’s perfect for an Internet world, but would have trouble promoting his ideas otherwise–I’m a bit surprised you’d be promoting this book. Even John McCain apparently thinks Corsi is a nut, and almost everything in this book that has been researched by others has been shown to be creative unsubstantiated speculation or blatantly untrue.

  2. Dark Skies


    Thx for your comment.

    I’m not promoting Corsi, just reporting the position of his book on NY Times Best Sellers List and Amazon. I think that is newsworthy because actual book sales numbers give us a picture of voter sentiment that is, in many ways, clearer than that provided by polls.

    BTW, I haven’t read Corsi’s book and cannot comment on it.


  3. James McPherson

    Good point about the voter sentiment. And while there’s plenty to dislike about both candidates, I find it sad that so much of that voter sentiment is so misinformed, thanks largely to books like this one–especially in an age when we are both inundated with falsehoods and apparently almost incapable of separating truth from fiction (the topic of my latest blog post, if you’re interested, at Thanks.

  4. James McPherson

    Sorry, I’m not trying to monopolize your blog, but I meant to include this and forgot. Here’s a link to what Corsi has said about McCain (which might explain McCain’s apparent disdain toward him):

  5. Dark Skies


    Excellent post at your blog.

    Your points about being able to cut through the lies in the news (and elsewhere) are particularly applicable to my experience. In a prior life, I was an investment banker in NYC and much of my success depended on separating fact from fiction.

    I try to do the same at this blog!

    Best of luck.


  6. Dark Skies


    LOL…don’t worry about monopolizing the blog. Your comments are always welcome!

    Thx for the link!

  7. James McPherson

    Thanks, DS. And while our political views frequently differ, I appreciate the fact that so many people on both sides are trying to sort out the truth, and doing so in a reasonable matter (though we often seem seriously outnumbered by the extremists who seem to care relatively little about truth, as long as their side “wins”).
    The fact that disagreement need not be disagreeable–and is in fact necessary for a healthy democracy–is one of my favorite themes, perhaps addressed most coherently here: Thanks again.

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