Putin’s lesson for Obama: “words are for sissies!” (Ralph Peters)

“Words” may matter to Obama because he’s a Harvard-trained lawyer who can use them to find a “nuanced” way out of sticky situations, but Putin has demonstrated powerfully by his rape of poor little Georgia that “words” only matter where there is rule of law.

Obama will go to Putin’s knife fight armed with a book of poetry. If he becomes our champion, we deserve what we get.

Ralph Peters covers this matter nicely in THE PEACE-AT-ANY-PRICE PERIL (NYPost).



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4 responses to “Putin’s lesson for Obama: “words are for sissies!” (Ralph Peters)

  1. Too bad the U.S. is so weak now due to republicans policies that we are powerless to do anything about Russia’s aggressions.

  2. Guillermo Reynoso

    It’s not only that the US is too much involved in Irak. Georgia may be friendly, however that is not a good reason for the US to intervene. Going into Irak made sense, they have the second biggest oil reserves worldwide.

    What’s in Georgia for the US?

  3. No, going into Iraq didn’t make sense. We can’t invade a country to steal their resources, and we didn’t get their oil anyway. Georgia is an ally and has been helping us fight in Iraq. That’s why we should help them.

  4. Robert

    These posts are ridiculous. We were attacked by Radical Islamic terrorists on 911. Iraq was indeed a threat in 2003 to US Security and stabilization in that region.

    And what you obviously forget, is that Iraq thumbed his nose at the irrelevant and weak UN and would not abide by the restrictions and parameters given them after the 1st Iraq war. GW Bush simply went in and did what the UN had been threatening to do for 10 years.

    Give me a break with your rhetoric. It is ignorant and just plain stupid.

    We did not go in there for their oil. That is a ridiculous and stupid comment.

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