Usain Bolt wins Gold in 200m in Beijing (Video Embed)

Here’s a previous post of interest…Usain Bolt 100 meters world record (video embed – hi quality)

HT to asianlanka (LONELY PLANET)

This video shows the 100m and 200m semifinals and finals…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Usain Bolt World Record 100m 9,69, 20…“, posted with vodpod

Available here also (in case embed becomes disabled)…

HT to Boss



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14 responses to “Usain Bolt wins Gold in 200m in Beijing (Video Embed)

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  2. boss

    Usain Bolt is Amazing ! Unbelievable he broke the worldrecord again.

    Just like the 100 meter, I can watch this movie over and over again!

    The video:

  3. Dark Skies


    Thx for the live link! It is worth watching over and over!


  4. ibrahim binshahbal

    nice article.

  5. It was won with character and style. Then the dance. Beautiful.

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  8. Daniel

    Awesome! I missed this last night, glad to be able to see it today without having to go through the nbc website.

  9. Regardless of his antics and exuberance, this kid is class. In his post 200 interview, he said that he didn’t think he could break the record. I love it. And he makes it look so easy.

  10. kevyeoh

    this guy really got me interested and i’m amazed everytime i watch his run over and over again…look at how fast this guy is…leaving his competitor trailing behind….

  11. darkskies
    It’s been a phenomenal Olympics for Bolt and many of the Jamaican track athletes. Each have excelled and have shown their zeal in competing for their country with a great deal of pride.
    I’ve posted my own piece within this forum on the exploits of both Bolt and Michael Phelps. Just click on the link provided to view.
    It was a phenomenal display both athletes and one that’ll live long in our memories.

    I’ll look forward to reading your comments as and when you’re ready.

    abritishman …………..

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