Obama will gut the Military (video embed)

Why would he want to weaken our defenses at such a time as this? Is he merely irresponsible…or something worse?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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One response to “Obama will gut the Military (video embed)

  1. This isn’t new and actually makes a lot of sense. If we are going to shift from a unipolar to a multipolar world, we will have to return to the “respect and delegate” policies of G.H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton and move away from the neo-con Imperious policies of G.W. Bush.

    We are so far ahead of other countries in military spending and tech, that it is sort of like defending our homes with ICBM missiles from a burgler.

    A shift from massive attack machines to more agile defense and urban warfare is cheaper and called for.

    Many of our defense policies and programs are Cold War focused. The Soviet Union and the United States own 90% of all nuclear missiles. It only take 4 or 5 of some of these missles to destroy all life on Earth.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep to eliminate the cost of planet wide destruction down to a half dozen weapons of planetary destruction rather than thousands? Are we still worried about a Soviet first strike that we keep our Airman with the keys and codes at the ready to strike first?

    To cut the nuclear NORAD strike capability in half would almost entirely fund the war in Iraq, the new GI Bill and public education.

    I am not saying NO nukes, but how many does the world need? And what great international good will with America get by spearheading this effort!!!

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