Inside Story–How The Enquirer got the goods on John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

If you are curious as to how the National Enquirer chased down the Edwards/Hunter story, here’s the scoop in today’s The New Republic (“Open Tab–The dark art of the ‘National Enquirer” by Gabriel Sherman).

Here’s an excerpt…

In September 2007, Rick Egusquiza, a bartender turned Hollywood reporter who joined the Enquirer in 2000, was sitting at his desk in the paper’s Los Angeles bureau when he answered the tip line. (“I’m a nice guy, so people tell me things,” Egusquiza says.) The anonymous source told him that Edwards was having an affair with Hunter. “I was like, ‘Whoa, this is great,’ ” he recalled. “Not like this is great, but you know, like this is something I want to check out.” The piece was assigned the next day, and Barry Levine, the Enquirer‘s executive editor based in New York, directed the coverage that grew to include nearly a dozen reporters. “We saw some of the videos. It was clear back then, the flirtation was going on. Edwards was like a blushing kid to her,” Egusquiza says.


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By the way…here’s another interesting tidbit from the story…

…the mainstream media knows that presidential candidates are fair game for celebrity tabloids. And the Enquirer will be trying to drive some of that coverage in the months ahead. The Enquirer’s reporters are already out there, digging, hustling, and working their sources. “We are definitely looking into Obama. We hear a lot of tips. I can’t tell you how many things we hear all the time,”



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2 responses to “Inside Story–How The Enquirer got the goods on John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Now what we need to know is if Obama knew about the Edwards affair and kept quiet until he had beat Hillary. That would sure have been very dirty play by Obama!

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