Obama’s Big Mistake–Biden, the gasbag! (Jonah Goldberg)

Jonah Goldberg at NRO hammers home the point I have been making to anyone who will listen–that the selection of Biden is great…for the GOP.

Here’s an excerpt (read it all here)…

I think it is an outright terrible decision on Obama’s part to pick Biden. Yes, he helps balance Obama’s inexperience on foreign policy, but he also reminds people of it. Yes, Biden could conceivably be effective as an attack dog. But Biden is such a gasbag he makes the Hindenburg look like a sack of rocks. Obama doesn’t need to increase his lip-flapping quotient. Biden is a gaffe machine and Obama is bad explaining faults, and his VP’s faults will inevitably become Obama’s in the Fall campaign. Biden will be fantastic at convincing people already eager to vote for Obama to vote for Obama. His ability to convince the undecided is much, much weaker, in my opinion. There’s more than a small risk that Biden will reinforce the sense that this ticket is all about hearing itself talk. I wouldn’t be surprised, two months from now, that we’ll hear a lot of talk about how Obama’s mistake in picking Biden can be explained by Obama’s inherent weakness, and love, for talky-talk-talk.


[emphasis added]



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4 responses to “Obama’s Big Mistake–Biden, the gasbag! (Jonah Goldberg)

  1. Ted

    Biden — the perfect foil for Palin!

  2. Jane

    Obama chose to pour salt on an open wound. If he really wanted experience, he would have chosen Clinton. Obama is petty and divisive. He’s not getting my vote. I am no longer a Democrat.

  3. goodtimepolitics

    Obama is still a wet behind the ears black boy from Kenya and needed a father like Joe Biden to take up for his child play. Joe Biden and Jeremiah wright go hand in hand as they direct Barack and his family of how to take God’s name in vain. This American is still stuck on how could any good father or mother allow their two young daugthers sit in a Church and listen to Pastor Jeremiah Wright taking God’s name in vain and cursing America? Joe Biden is also a dirty talker that will mess up soon again like he did to lose elections two other times because of his mouth!

  4. Michael J. Arch

    Name calling and speculative opinions mixed with personal ‘ feelings ‘ about some other personality that becomes the chosen subject to criticism shows where the accuser stands in life…
    With that said if we are seeing what experience has to offer us now such as ; the complete failure of the housing market. The failed world trade agreements. The border guards being falsely accused and imprisoned. The millions of lost jobs in the name of slave labor to other countries . The lack of respect by this current Government for the will of he people. Then changing the Government is the wiser decision.

    Those who usually fight against change are the one’s causing all the problems statically speaking.

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