McCain Camp takes the Obama/Biden ticket apart (video link)

Nancy Pfotenhauer from the McCain Campaign does an incredible job of letting the air out of the Obama/Biden balloon in an interview with Wolf Blitzer at CNN. I tried to embed the video, but failed…so, unfortunately, you’ll have to check it out at



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3 responses to “McCain Camp takes the Obama/Biden ticket apart (video link)

  1. David Andre

    I agree about Nancy Pfotenhauer. She is an awesome spokesperson for McCain/Palin. The campaign should have her up front as much as possible.

  2. Nolia Marie

    Nancy Pfotenhauer just set women in politics back by about 50 years and did harm to her employer’s campaign when during her interview with Wolf Blitzer today, she suggested that unless one is a Washington insider, it is impossible to understand what is occurring in this election or to understand what a brilliant pick Palin is. I am also offended that she would call Palin more experienced than Obama, not because I am so set on Obama but because I may not be a Washington insider but I know a novice, such as Palin, when I see and hear one speak. How dare the republican campaign accuse American women of being sexist if they are liberal democrats criticizing Palin. I was on the fence until McCain announced his V.P. pick, which I found, as a woman, insulting. I have turned to Obama. Now, I am further insulted by Nancy Pfotenhauer. I have been wondering where McCain is getting his poor advice and whom is continuing to tell him that the American public, especially women, are stupid. Now I know. Good luck, Pfotenhauer, you’re gonna need it after your indulgence in a beloved republican culinary delight, foot pie. I was even less insulted by a political party when W. cheated to win the ’04 election than I am by McCain’s condescension and patronization of American women. Shame on you, Pfotenhauer.

  3. Nolia Marie

    You’re right, David, the campaign should have her up front as much as possible, it’s how Obama’s gonna win.

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