Denver: The Circus comes to town.

This is going to be a psychedelic week!

“…a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany … and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama”‘

— Barack Hussein Obama

Above is a drawing by Otto Veblin which appears today in an article by James Lewis in American Thinker entitled “Why are liberals so gullible?”

Great article…a must read by all conservative standards (via link above).

Here’s an excerpt…

When you see Obama’s next Nuremberg Rally with his nose in the air, take it as a sign of things to come. He really does despise us, you know. But he feels sorry for us, too, because he knows better. Contempt and pity go hand in hand. Maybe the liberal masses just love being pitied. Maybe they just accept being weak, helpless, and not too bright. Good grief.

Liberalism doesn’t change. What might change, over time, is for more sensible folk to recover their voices, after being completely shut out of the public square by the Sixties Left. The answer to liberal gullibility is debate, debate, debate. Open up those minds, tell them it’s ok to think your own thoughts, it’s ok to be different. Intellectual courage matters.

The media should never be run by a professional guild. Monopolies kill competing voices. Real thinking only thrives with vigorous intellectual competition. That’s why our universities have become brain-dead company towns. That’s why the Old Media need to go out of business, and the sooner the better.

When America rediscovers open debate, freedom will thrive again. The victims of media delusions will discover a world of intellectual excitement and danger. True Believers will have to deal with the reality of Doubt.

Here’s to it. Vive la liberté!



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One response to “Denver: The Circus comes to town.

  1. harddriller

    Every far left radical,moonbat,pervert,communist,and general dregs of society will be attending,speeches by Carter The Coward and “Our Lady Of Perpetual Anger”(who was released from the mental ward for this event).

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