Obama’s Greek Temple at Invesco Field (Photo)

What is spooky is its resemblance to Brandenburg Gate (Obama to Merkel: “I will not be denied!”)…see below.

A McCain advisor wondered aloud if this news was from the Onion. Take a look at this (from John McCormick at The Weekly Standard Blog).

Here’s a pic of the Brandenburg Gate.



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7 responses to “Obama’s Greek Temple at Invesco Field (Photo)

  1. harddriller

    This is soooo goofy,typical of this pompous ass

  2. Did you expect the Presidential nominee or someone who may fill the highest office in the land to give his speech on top of a garbage can? Perhaps sitting on the top of a car? Maybe even a shoe box? Did we see president Bush stand on a shoe box? Has anyone complained about the pomp and circumstance surrounding any of the Presidential candidates? If this is the case, I expect to see John McCain standing on a smelly orange crate. That would show willingness to be what people apparently need in a world leader. I expect the Pope to do the same. Otherwise, is he a pompous ass as well? I’m just asking.

  3. Plenty of Washington politicians of both stripes have used Greek columns as backdrops for years – Bob Cesca has a collection of photos of McCain caught in the act and looking ancient at it.

    The District is sprinkled with such architecture, so that’s no surprise.

    Must be some kind of ‘carrying on of the Greek democracy tradition’ – a totally meaningless symbol unless we can keep it and exercise it. Photo-ops optional.

  4. James

    It’s the archetecture of the Lincoln Monument. MLK’s I Have a Dream speech was at the Lincoln Monument on August 28, 1963. Check the date of Obama’s speech. Also, it’s Roman, not Greek. And there’s no temple: the top is flat. Sorry about your meme.

  5. David

    Because this was also compared to the Washington Memorial, where Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream” speech 40 years ago today, I googled the image of the memorial and compared it to the above image and there is a closer comparative similarity to the WM than to the Brandenburg Gate. They are trying to appeal to the fulfilment of MLK’s dream is in Obama. They are not fooling me at all. If I had to choose between Obama and MLK, give me MLK any day. Obama doesn’t hold a candle to him.

  6. Dark Skies

    I agree David,

    MLK was a great man–a legend in his own time!

    Obama has done nothing great and is a legend in his own mind!

  7. Obamination
    the Antichrist

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