Barack Obama: Confidence Man?

If Obama had a powerful record of achievement, one would consider his overweening demeanor to have possibly been earned. But Obama’s confidence exists without visible means of support. He simply is…confident, that is.

His pronouncement to the question “do you ever have doubts” (about foreign policy in this case) was a resounding “never”!


This brings to mind something C.S. Lewis about another supremely confident person. Obama is either a liar, a lunatic…or what?

Carrie Budoff Brown traces this theme of boundless confidence back to his childhood in today’s Politico. There are more than a few somewhat scary nuggets in her piece. Read it all at the link, but here’s a snippet…

For now, though, hours away from Obama’s acceptance speech before an expected 80,000 people at Invesco Field, his story is a remarkable testament to the power of self-confidence.

These days, of course, his self-confidence is bolstered by many validators.

At a San Francisco fundraiser earlier this month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Obama “a leader that God has blesses us with at this time.”

This is a theme echoed by supporters from the outset, despite Obama saying on the trail that the campaign isn’t about him. Michelle Obama leads the way. The word she invokes in speeches about her husband is “special,” as in last summer in Iowa, when she rhapsodized that there was “something very special about this man.”

He understood earlier than most Democrats that the Iraq war was a mistake, she said, “because he’s special.”

By the way, when Iraq was invaded back in 2003, Obama was an Illinois State Senator with no access to national intelligence assessments. He knew it was a mistake because “he’s special”?

“Special” indeed!


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One response to “Barack Obama: Confidence Man?

  1. goodtimepolitics

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the lowest rated Congress wants Obama in the White House because they know that Barack is unexperience and they can use him as a puppet and rule everything he does. The Democrats know they can not rule Sen. John McCain or even Hillary could not have been told what to do by the far left liberals. Obama being the most far left in Congress and Joe Biden being the third far left liberal makes for a puppet show with strings and all.

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