McCain/Palin 2008! IT’S OFFICIAL!!!

UPDATE 10:35 AM:

It’s official–from the Campaign–IT’S PALIN!!!

UPDATE 10:30 AM:

Fox’s Bill Hemmer is saying its Palin…but I think it’s still all based on reports from unnamed sources.

We’ve got our ears to the track but nothing yet.

The DrudgeReport is saying no Romney and no Pawlenty but that is just speculation of course.

UPDATE: 10:00 AM:
Per WaPo, it was Marc Ambinder that made the Palin connection…
Atlantic blogger Marc Ambinder noted this morning that a private plane connected to a McCain fundraiser had traveled to an airport near Dayton yesterday from Anchorage.

The plane’s flight information and registration can be found using freely available flight tracking tools on the Internet. They show that the plane, a Gulfstream IV, landed at Hook Field municipal airport about a half-hour outside of Dayton at 10:07 pm last night.

Some sources say it’s Palin because it is rumored that her plane landed in Middletown, Ohio this morning. Middletown is about 20 miles SSE of Dayton, where it is said McCain will announce his Veep at a rally.


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