Video (31:05): Luis Elizondo/Jackie Alemany Washington Post Interview – “It’s Option Number Three”

This interview is amazing if only because Lue makes it abundantly clear that, in his mind, the answer to the question “what are they” (the UFO/UAP’s) is Option Number Three.

They aren’t Option Number One – No, they aren’t some secret U.S. technology.

They aren’t Option Number Two – No, they don’t belong to our adversaries, China and/or Russia.

So that leaves Option Number Three. And here’s how Lue sums up #3:

  • Something that could be anywhere between 50 to 1,000 years ahead of us [technology-wise].
  • Something from outer space, inner space, or frankly the space in between
  • Something that is extra hyper dimensional…I mean, extradimensional in a quantum physics sense.

Here’s the video embed of the interview. See for yourself.

Here’s a link to the written Transcript of the Interview.

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