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Why the Palin Baby Story Matters–to evangelical voter and others (Byron York–NRO)

Obama may have jumped out front of this issue by condemning attacks on Bristol Palin, but his devotees from the far left have again shown their true colors with their scurrilous attacks. They have again proven that there is no depth to which they will not sink to force Obama and his Marxist agenda on this nation.

But when it comes to Bristol’s pregnancy, Byron York explains why the extreme left’s actions are going to backfire.

Here’s an excerpt from the NRO (read the entire article at link)…

St. Paul — At 6:30 Monday morning, at a hotel here in St. Paul, a team of senior McCain staffers got word from even more senior staffers that there was news about vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin. Everybody had heard the rumors, spread on The Atlantic and DailyKos websites, that Palin’s fifth child, Trig, born last April, was not really hers — that Trig was really Palin’s 17 year-old daughter’s child, and Palin faked pregnancy to cover up her daughter’s condition. None of that was true, they all knew. But the top McCain staffers revealed that a story would be breaking on the wires in a few hours reporting that Palin’s daughter, Bristol, is, in fact, pregnant now. The father is Bristol’s boyfriend, the staffers were told, and she intends to marry him.

The McCain aides’ assignment was to call a list of about 40 top evangelical and other cultural conservative leaders. Each one would get a personal explanation of the story, and each was asked for his or her reaction. The McCain people reached nearly everyone before the story broke, and the verdict was unanimous — all the leaders supported Palin and her place on the McCain ticket.


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Barack Obama: Confidence Man?

If Obama had a powerful record of achievement, one would consider his overweening demeanor to have possibly been earned. But Obama’s confidence exists without visible means of support. He simply is…confident, that is.

His pronouncement to the question “do you ever have doubts” (about foreign policy in this case) was a resounding “never”!


This brings to mind something C.S. Lewis about another supremely confident person. Obama is either a liar, a lunatic…or what?

Carrie Budoff Brown traces this theme of boundless confidence back to his childhood in today’s Politico. There are more than a few somewhat scary nuggets in her piece. Read it all at the link, but here’s a snippet…

For now, though, hours away from Obama’s acceptance speech before an expected 80,000 people at Invesco Field, his story is a remarkable testament to the power of self-confidence.

These days, of course, his self-confidence is bolstered by many validators.

At a San Francisco fundraiser earlier this month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Obama “a leader that God has blesses us with at this time.”

This is a theme echoed by supporters from the outset, despite Obama saying on the trail that the campaign isn’t about him. Michelle Obama leads the way. The word she invokes in speeches about her husband is “special,” as in last summer in Iowa, when she rhapsodized that there was “something very special about this man.”

He understood earlier than most Democrats that the Iraq war was a mistake, she said, “because he’s special.”

By the way, when Iraq was invaded back in 2003, Obama was an Illinois State Senator with no access to national intelligence assessments. He knew it was a mistake because “he’s special”?

“Special” indeed!

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Obama exposed in MSM for his “babies born alive” history (NYTimes)

There was a time when the MSM made sure that Obama avoided any unpleasant glare due to the facts. But that was then…and this is now.

Apparently, the MSM is smarting for their non-coverage of the now famously guilty John Edwards and mistress–and have now decided to actually shed some light on Obama.

The NY Times does just that in their article, Obama’s 2003 Stand on Abortion Draws New Criticism in 2008. Here’s a brief excerpt…

Mr. Obama’s critics to accuse him of playing fast and loose with the truth when he says he “would have been completely in, fully in support of the federal bill that everybody supported” if it had been offered at the state level.

“I don’t know whether he is lying or whether he forgot, but with his words, he is condemning himself, “ said Jill Stanek, a nurse in the Chicago area who was a main proponent of the federal measure and writes an anti-abortion blog. “He voted one way and then covered it up, and he has to explain that, not just to me, but to the American people.”


We had a post last week, Obama–Abortion Radical?, that presented a video embed and some powerful information from Jill Stanek’s website that clarifies this entire issue beyond that point from which Obama’s obfuscation and nuance can rescue him.

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Best of John McCain at Saddleback (youtube video embed)

McCain’s performance at Saddleback provides a huge reservoir of positive material for video ads running up to the election.

This video is one of my favorites…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Obama of Nazareth–The Adulteress (video embed–Hilarious!)

Here’s the next big thing…for this week at least!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Leftwing Blogosphere Disappointed in Obama Saddleback Forum Performance (NewsBusters)

Well, it looks as though even his supporters are admitting to Obama’s weakness last night.

NewsBuster‘s P.J. Gladnick sums it up nicely in…Leftwing Blogosphere Disappointed in Obama Saddleback Forum Performance.

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“How McCain Won Saddleback” — Experience (Byron York)

I dozed off during the Obama segment at Saddleback and slept through the McCain interview, so I am heartened to hear that, according to Byron York in NRO, McCain came out head and shoulders above Obama.

Here’s excerpt and link

The contrast was striking throughout each man’s one-hour time on stage. When Warren asked Obama, “What’s the most gut-wrenching decision you’ve ever had to make?” Obama answered that opposing the war in Iraq was “as tough a decision that I’ve had to make, not only because there were political consequences but also because Saddam Hussein was a bad person and there was no doubt he meant America ill.” But Obama was a state senator in Illinois when Congress authorized the president to use force in Iraq. He didn’t have to make a decision on the war. That fact was a recurring issue in the Democratic primaries, when candidates Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, Christopher Dodd, and John Edwards argued that they, as senators, had to make a choice Obama didn’t have to make. And now he says it’s his toughest call.

When McCain got the question, he was able to tell an old story with a sense of gravity and poignancy that he seldom shows in public. He described his time as a prisoner of war, when he was offered a chance for early release because his father was a top naval officer. “I was in rather bad physical shape,” McCain told Warren, but “we had a code of conduct that said you only leave by order of capture.” So McCain refused to go. He made the telling even more forceful when he added that, “in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m very happy I didn’t know the war was going to last for another three years or so.” In one moment, he showed a sense of pride and a hint of regret, too; he came across as a man who did the right thing but not without the temptation to take an easy out. In any event, the message was very clear: John McCain has had to make bigger, more momentous decisions in his life than has Barack Obama.


Continue reading.

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