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UFO/UAP Disclosure by proxy: “Ross Coulthart — Investigating UFOs & Impossible Science” (video interview)

When I finished watching this video interview, my first thought was that the Pentagon is disclosing what it knows about UFO/UAP’s by using carefully selected spokesmen who are not, at present anyway, on its payroll. This gives the Pentagon a veneer of plausible deniability.

First came Luis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon. Both former highly-placed insiders now bound by non-disclosure agreements. Videos were leaked to them and released to the public, but only after they had been confirmed and such release permitted by the Pentagon.

And now we have Ross Coulthart in this video interview loaded with juicy intel provided by Pentagon (and other) “sources.” He’s not a former Pentagon insider, but he is an authority figure in the Australian media (which once again gives the DOD a comfortable distance from the subject being discussed).

Disclosure by proxy?

You decide. Here’s the video:

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UFO/UAPs: The best way for the Pentagon to release classified information to the public is to give it to Congress in classified briefings.

We’ll see if this old maxim is true. That said, it is hard to imagine a bunch of Congressmen and Senators being able to conceal something as explosive as the truth about UFO/UAPs.

A raised eyebrow, a furrowed forehead, a smirk…a wink and a nod. And all that alcohol-fueled pillow talk.

Well, here it comes:

On Wednesday, members of the House Intelligence Committee received a classified briefing with U.S. Navy and FBI officials on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), which some of the lawmakers have said may represent a threat to national security.

The briefing came in advance of the release of a highly anticipated report, which looked at more than 100 instances of what have been classed as unidentified aerial objects observed by the military.

Foreknowledge of Wednesday’s briefing was first learned of by CNN, who noted that UFOs have recently become an issue that government officials have struggled to remove “from the world of science fiction and consider its actual national security implications.”

The briefing with members of the House Intelligence was conducted within a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF), according to Fox News.

Source: The Debrief

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Lue Elizondo: “UFOs/UAPs are not believed to be of Earth nation origin” — ‘Infinitesimally small possibility’ that they are U.S., Chinese, or Russian

Per Tom Rogan of the Washington Examiner (Tom has done a yeoman’s job reporting on this subject), Elizondo has come out with further clarification of the UFO/UAP issue in anticipation of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence report to Congress expected later this month.

Points of clarification by Elizondo per Rogan:

  • it is a credible line of government inquiry that these UFOs are “extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional,” or the creation of an Earth-based intelligence entirely unknown to our human society.
  • it is “nothing more than an infinitesimally small possibility” that these extraordinary UFOs are of either U.S., Chinese, or Russian origin (or Israel or Elon Musk, etc.). [This has been echoed by Sen Martin Heinrich of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence]
  • the government has evidence to indicate that the most extraordinary UFOs are not “human-made machines.”

Source: Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner

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Elizondo to Jackie Alemany of the Washington Post: UFOs Have Put US Nuclear Sites Offline

Most of those who have followed this issue for a while are well aware of what this headline is referring to (see here: Malmstrom AFB incident). But the Washington Post is exposing its readers to this and the entire developing UFO/UAP story. Here’s the transcript of the interview of Lue Elizondo by Jackie Alemany at the Washington Post:

Transcript: UFOs & National Security with Luis Elizondo….

What follows is an assessment of the above interview by NewsMax today,

Jacqueline Alemany, the Post’s congressional correspondent, asked Elizondo about UFO sightings above secret nuclear weapons facilities, and whether the government had considered utilizing nuclear-powered naval fleets to lure these kinds of things for further study.

“That is one of the concerns we have from a national security perspective, that there does seem to be some sort of congruency or some sort of intersection between these UAP or UFO sightings and our nuclear technology with nuclear propulsion, nuclear power generation, or nuclear weapons systems,” Elizondo said.

After saying other countries have seen similar incidents, Elizondo added, “In this country, we’ve had incidents where these UAPs have interfered and actually brought offline our nuclear capabilities.”

Elizondo said some people might hear that and conclude, “whatever this is, is something that is peaceful.” He added that isn’t true necessarily,

We also have data suggesting that in other countries these things have interfered with their nuclear technology and actually turned them on, put them online,” he said. “So that is equally, for me, just as concerning. I think that there is certainly at this point enough data to demonstrate there is an interest in our nuclear technology, a potential to even interfere with that nuclear technology.”


We have been parsing the Elizondo/Alemany interview (it is revealing) and our bottom line is that it is another fine Elizondo interview with Lue being Lue. There was no single piece of new evidence introduced but in terms of the big picture, Lue seems to be making his own big reveal. Nearly all his time was spent explaining what he calls the third option (i.e., it isn’t U.S. technology and it isn’t an adversary–Russia/China). As Lue says (and this is the third option),

“[W]e are quite convinced that we’re dealing with a technology that is multigenerational, several generations ahead of what we consider next generation technology…”

“[T]his could be something from outer space, inner space, or frankly the space in between. There’s a lot of options out there. This could be something that is extra hyper-dimensional. Now I don’t mean extradimensional in a woo-woo sense. I mean, extradimensional in a quantum physics sense. We know that the universe is full of shortcuts and loopholes.”

Unless we’re reading it wrong, Lue is making himself pretty clear here.

Read the entire interview at The Washington Post.

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Australia’s UFO Cover-up Exposed: 7NEWS Spotlight “The Phenomenon” (video below)


Last night, Sunday night, in Australia at 7:00 PM, 7NEWS Spotlight (with host Ross Coulthart) presented a 1 hour and 11 minute film, “The Phenomenon,” which exposes its government’s decades-long cover-up of UFO sightings.

The famous Westall School UFO Incident in the Melbourne suburb by that name is discussed in detail at the 45:50 minute mark in the video. After many years of silence, the science teacher, Mr. Andrew Greenwood, who was an important witness to that event, is finally giving his account.

From 7NEWS Spotlight:

In 1966, Westall High School was a college of about 600 pupils in Melbourne’s southwest. On April 6, 200 staff, students and residents witnessed ‘metallic discs’ or ‘flying saucers’ over a local football field.

Andrew Greenwood is one of those witnesses and a former schoolteacher. For the first time, he’s allowed himself to be identified to tell his story.

Andrew was teaching a year 9 science class when a young girl burst into the classroom saying there was a ‘flying saucer’ outside.

“I can remember running out into the oval, looking into the sky, and seeing these things, and just standing there absolutely transfixed,” Greenwood told 7NEWS Spotlight.

“I haven’t seen anything in my life like it before, haven’t seen anything since. “It was a grey, almost cylindrical or cigar shaped object which moved with some degree of precision in the sky.”

The video is embedded below:

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UFO’s are real, but what are they? And is the Pentagon finally going to come clean about what it knows?

Most people who have been following the UAP/UFO story since the 2017 New York Times article (Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program, Ralph Blumenthal, Leslie Kean, and Helene Cooper) are well aware that, well, this story has legs.

In a few weeks, the Pentagon and the Director of National Intelligence are expected to submit their report on the subject to the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence. And in the meantime, the story has finally been picked up by the MSM (CBSNews – 5/16/2021):

[60 Minutes] correspondent Bill Whitaker reported on unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, more commonly known as UFOs.

Whitaker interviewed two former Navy pilots, Cmdr. Dave Fravor and Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich, who said they witnessed something “unsettling” and unexplainable while flying over the Pacific Ocean in November 2004. Fravor is a graduate of the TOPGUN naval flight program. He was a commander of the F/A-18F squadron on the USS Nimitz at the time of the encounter.

Dietrich, a former F/A-18F pilot, has never before spoken publicly about what she saw that day. “It was unidentified. And that’s why it was so unsettling to us. Because we weren’t expecting it. We couldn’t classify it,” said Dietrich.

Here’s the video embed of the subject 60 Minutes segment (see transcript HERE):

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! This segment ran into overtime (an extra 6:44 minutes):

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Robot controlled with living brain tissue! (New Scientist-video embed)

This is nothing short of amazing!

According to an article in New Scientist (see video embed below), a robot has been developed which is controlled by a mass of disembodied rat neurons. The brain cells (about 300,000 of them) live (“IT’S ALIVE!!!”)…

inside a small pot containing a pink broth of nutrients and antibiotics. Inside that pot…neurons have made – and continue to make – connections with each other.

As they do so, the disembodied neurons are communicating, sending electrical signals to one another just as they do in a living creature. We know this because the network of neurons is connected at the base of the pot to 80 electrodes, and the voltages sparked by the neurons are displayed on a computer screen.


To create the “brain”, the neural cortex from a rat fetus is surgically removed and disassociating enzymes applied to it to disconnect the neurons from each other. The researchers then deposit a slim layer of these isolated neurons into a nutrient-rich medium on a bank of electrodes, where they start reconnecting. They do this by growing projections that reach out to touch the neighbouring neurons. “It’s just fascinating that they do this,” says Steve Potter of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, who pioneered the field of neurally controlled animats. “Clearly brain cells have evolved to reconnect under almost any circumstance that doesn’t kill them.”


Like a creature with no limbs or senses, the cut-down brain is simply bursting out of boredom, says Whalley. “With no structured sensory input the hypothesis is that you get arbitrarily random and quite often detrimental activity because all these cells are asking for some kind of direction.”

Here’s the video…
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more about "Robot with a rat brain", posted with vodpod

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“Portal to mythical Mayan underworld found!” (Reuters via MSNBC)

Very interesting discovery (article by Miguel Angel Gutierrez, Reuters via MSNBC)…

Mexican archeologists have discovered a maze of stone temples in underground caves, some submerged in water and containing human bones, which ancient Mayans believed was a portal where dead souls entered the underworld.

Clad in scuba gear and edging through narrow tunnels, researchers discovered the stone ruins of eleven sacred temples and what could be the remains of human sacrifices at the site in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Archeologists say Mayans believed the underground complex of water-filled caves leading into dry chambers — including an underground road stretching some 330 feet — was the path to a mythical underworld, known as Xibalba.

Continue reading…


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Scientists Say Invisibility Cloak Now Possible (Updated 8/13)

UPDATE 8/13/2008 at 7:58 AM: Here is a follow-up article at BBC that provides some additional information on this topic… Invisibility cloak ‘step closer’. And here is the original article by Xiang Zhang in NatureThree-dimensional optical metamaterial with a negative refractive index (there is a fee to access the entire article in Nature).

Original Posting on 8/11/2008

This is a huge step forward.

From (excerpt and link)…

People can see objects because they scatter the light that strikes them, reflecting some of it back to the eye. Cloaking uses materials, known as metamaterials, to deflect radar, light or other waves around an object, like water flowing around a smooth rock in a stream.

Metamaterials are mixtures of metal and circuit board materials such as ceramic, Teflon or fiber composite. They are designed to bend visible light in a way that ordinary materials don’t. Scientists are trying to use them to bend light around objects so they don’t create reflections or shadows.


Continue reading…

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