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Jindal on Gustav (What a difference!)

Just watched Bobby’s presser on Fox. What a guy! In control…responsible…a hands-on leader!

Here’s Nagin’s latest…even Ray seems no longer “stuck on stupid” (here’s the link–read the rest)…

“I don’t think I can do another Katrina, but I can definitely do what we’re doing today because it’s smooth, it’s effective, and it’s getting the job done,” Nagin said Sunday from the train station where residents were boarding evacuation buses in a scene that was far less chaotic than during Katrina. “And we’ll be able to get our people back with little hassle.”

As Gustav gained strength from warm Gulf of Mexico waters and headed toward the Louisiana coast, Nagin’s tone wasn’t the only thing different from three years ago.

The White House is “showering us with resources,” Nagin told a local TV station, and President Bush called him Sunday “to check in.”


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Bobby Jindal: No racial attacks against Obama by McCain

This is from a Times of India article but is sourced to the Jake Tapper interview with Jindal on ABC’s This Week (our effort to embed the video here was unsuccessful, so click the link to view it).

Even though Jindal has stated that he doesn’t want to run as McCain’s Veep, he would be a devastating weapon against Obama if he were selected…

Indian-American Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal has denied that the campaign of Republican presidential nominee John McCain is resorting to racist attacks against Democratic rival Barack Obama.

“I see the Republican Party and Senator McCain going after Obama for trying to raise our taxes, for not doing enough to lower energy prices, on tapping the strategic petroleum reserve, on offshore drilling,” Jindal said on ABC’s This Week programme.

“I think there are plenty of substantive differences that this campaign will be decided on.”


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“Bobby Jindal’s Spiritual Journey” (Wall St Journal)

This article was published in the Journal on the 25th but somehow I missed it until this morning. It gives a good account of how Jindal came to be a Christian (excerpt and link)…

Rebel With a Cause: Bobby Jindal’s Spiritual Journey
July 25, 2008; Page W11


“I did not have an overnight epiphany like so many people do,” said Mr. Jindal, calling his conversion a “very intellectual-based journey,” where he studied countless religious texts. “Given my background and personality, that was an important part of the process.” But, he notes, “I don’t think you can ‘read’ yourself into faith. I had gotten to the point where I knew what history had to say about this person named Jesus and what he had done on Earth. . . . I think at some point you have to take a leap of faith.”

As a teenager, Mr. Jindal said he sought out chaplains at nearby Louisiana State University as he grasped for a religious identity to call his own. During a youth group’s Easter season musical production in 1987 at LSU’s campus chapel, a black-and-white video of the Passion played during intermission. “I don’t know why I was struck so hard at that moment,” said Mr. Jindal. “There was nothing fascinating about this particular video. . . . But watching this depiction of an actor playing Jesus on the cross, it just hit me, harder than I’d ever been hit before,” he said. “If that was really the son of God, and he really died for me, then I felt compelled to get on my knees and worship him.”

“It was liberating,” said Mr. Jindal about his moment. “Up until that point, my prayer life was like a child talking to Santa Claus — making deals with God saying ‘I’ll be good, but this is what I want in return.'” Soon after, Mr. Jindal began to pray and fervently read the Bible, principally parables in the New Testament. “It was like the words were jumping out of the page. It was literally as if it had been written just for me,” he said.


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Rumor: McCain to pick Veep this week!

We won’t know until it is announced but inside sources are beginning to say that a decision is imminent.

Per Bob Novak at Human Events: The name of McCain’s running mate has not been disclosed, but Mitt Romney has led the speculation recently.

BTW, It’s Novak who’s telling the world that the pick will be made this week

Chris Cillizza of WaPo tells us that his sources tell him that McCain is flying down to Louisiana later this week to meet again with Bobby Jindal.

And it’s public knowledge that McCain and Rudy got together for an outing at Yankee Stadium over the weekend to watch the Yankees and the Oakland A’s.

HT: Drudge

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Bobby Jindal’s phenomenal 6-month record of achievement (Newt Gingrich)

Newt does it again with his effusive (but well deserved IMO) praise for Bobby Jindal in his article in Human Events entitled “Bobby Jindal, America’s Most Transformational Governor”.

Here, according to Newt, is a partial list a Bobby’s achievements in only six months…


* Six Major Tax Cuts worth more than $500 million, including eliminating taxes on business and capital investment and the largest personal tax cut in the history of the state – a $300 million reduction in personal income taxes, worth up to $500 for an individual and $1,000 for a family.

* Governor Jindal brought about a Transformation of Job Creation and Retraining. He completely eliminated the Department of Labor and passed a guarantee for employers that Louisiana educational institutions will train its workforce to meet their needs, and if they fail, they will retrain workers for free.

* He created $10 million in Opportunity Scholarships so 1,500 poor children in New Orleans can escape failing public schools.

* Jindal led the passage of The Health Care Consumers Right to Know Act, creating transparency of cost and quality for the first time in Louisiana’s health care system.

* Bobby Jindal expanded the number of charter schools in Louisiana from 42 to 100.

* He passed legislation cracking down on child molesters and also passed a resolution calling for the creation of involuntary civil commitment of sexually violent predators to keep them confined for treatment after they complete their prison terms.

And here’s a seventh achievement…

Louisiana’s Third Bond Rating Boost in a Week

All this, and Governor Bobby Jindal is just getting started. Just last week he vetoed $9 million dollars in pet projects and pork barrel spending in the legislature’s budget – another area in which this 37-year-old governor is showing the way to Washington.

Not coincidentally, Jindal also announced that for the third time last week, Louisiana’s bond rating had been raised by a major credit rating agency.


Read it all…

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