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Saakashvili: Russia’s war is with the U.S. and Freedom (video embed)

Source: Breitbart
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Krauthammer on the Russia-Georgia situation!

Krauthammer provides what he believes are our options in Real Clear Politics this morning…

1. Suspend the NATO-Russia Council established in 2002 to help bring Russia closer to the West. Make clear that dissolution will follow suspension. The council gives Russia a seat at the NATO table. Message: Invading neighboring democracies forfeits the seat.

2. Bar Russian entry to the World Trade Organization.

3. Dissolve the G-8. Putin’s dictatorial presence long made it a farce but no one wanted to upset the bear by expelling it. No need to. The seven democracies simply withdraw. Then immediately announce the reconstitution of the original G-7.

4. Announce a U.S.-European boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi. To do otherwise would be obscene. Sochi is 15 miles from Abkhazia, the other Georgian province just invaded by Russia. The Games will become a riveting contest between the Russian, Belarusian and Jamaican bobsled teams.

All of these steps (except dissolution of the G-8, which should be irreversible) would be subject to reconsideration depending upon Russian action — most importantly and minimally, its withdrawal of troops from Georgia proper to South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The most crucial and unconditional measure, however, is this: Reaffirm support for the Saakashvili government and declare that its removal by the Russians would lead to recognition of a government-in-exile. This would instantly be understood as providing us the legal basis for supplying and supporting a Georgian resistance to any Russian-installed regime.

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U.S. to take control of Georgian ports: Saakashvili (refuted by Gates via Condi)

UPDATE 8/13/2008 3:22 PM
Condi Rice just announced in her press conference covered by Fox that SecDef Gates has stated previously that the U.S. has no intentions of “taking control” of ports and airports through which aid will flow. It appears that Saakashvili was mistaken (or at least guilty of wishful thinking) in his earlier announcement.

Original Post — August 13, 2008…1:22 pm
Just in from Reuters, according to Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, the humanitarian aid from the U.S. will mean that…

Georgian ports and airports will be taken under the control of the U.S. defense ministry…


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I’ll believe this when I hear it from the WH, Rice, or Gates.

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Bush Becoming a Catholic?

I missed this earlier in the day but thought it newsworthy…so here it is.

Bush Becoming a Catholic?

Monday, June 16, 2008 11:05 AM

By: Jim Meyers
President Bush may follow in the footsteps of his brother Jeb and convert to Catholicism, several European papers are reporting.

In the wake of the president’s visit to see Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican, Italian newspapers, citing Vatican sources, said Bush was open to the idea of converting to Catholicism.

The Italian newspaper Il Foglio referred to such talk about Bush’s possible conversion and stated that “anything is possible, especially for someone reborn like Bush.”

Noting that Tony Blair converted to Catholicism after leaving office as Britain’s prime minister last year, the paper also stated that “if anything happens, it will happen after he finishes his period as president, not before. It is similar to Blair’s case, but with different circumstances.”

President Bush welcomed Pope Benedict XVI warmly when he visited the U.S. in April. And Vatican watchers noted that Bush met privately with the pontiff in the private gardens of the Vatican last Friday — an unprecedented place for the Pope to meet a head of state. Typically, the Vatican gardens are used by the Pope for private reflection.

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Update on the Bush/Obama “appeasement” flap

Charles Hurt in the NY Post writes a follow-up article to yesterday’s “appeasement uproar”…HUGS FOR THUGS COULD SINK NAIVE OBAMA.

Here is an excerpt…

What is it about the word “appeasement” that got Barack Obama‘s ears ringing?

Without once uttering the freshman anti-war senator’s name, President Bush warned against negotiating with terrorists on the futile hope that a little more dialogue will turn these satanic beasts from their death pact to wipe Israel off the map and kill as many American men, women and children as possible.

Obama, who has proposed meeting with the leaders of Iran, Syria and North Korea just as soon as he gets into the White House, heard his name somewhere in the president’s speech and quickly issued a press release.

The White House insisted Obama was simply suffering from the narcissism that convinces so many politicians that everyone is talking about them.

Here’s a link to our comment yesterday…Bush accuses “unnamed” appeasers of “appeasement”…and Obama is offended (heheh)

Scott Johnson at Powerline blog also covers this matter nicely in “The lad he doth protest too much”

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