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John Edwards/Rielle Hunter Update!

UPDATE 7/29/2008–10:04 AM EDT: So far there seems to be no additional MSM press coverage in the U.S. of this matter. Keeping an eye on things and will report if the dam springs a leak.


Everyone now knows the story broken by the National Enquirer of the alleged tryst of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter at the Beverly Hilton on the night of July 21st and its subsequent confirmation by Fox News reporters who spoke with a Beverly Hilton security guard who stated for the record that…

he encountered a shaken and ashen-faced Edwards โ€” whom he did not immediately recognize โ€” in a hotel men’s room early Tuesday morning in a literal tug-of-war with reporters on the other side of the door.

This story was not initially picked up by the U.S. media (other than National Enquirer and Fox News) but was reported in the UK this morning by the Times UK (“Sleaze scuppers Democrat golden boy”) and then by The Independent UK.

NewsBusters now reports that “Cracks (are) Emerging in MSM Wall of Silence on Edwards Scandal” and cites a story in the Hartford Courant by Kevin Rennie.

[CORRECTION: per Ron Rosenbaum–see his comment below–the following is incorrect in that Ron’s original story was subsequently clarified to indicate that it was not about Edwards. The erroneous Backstory is left in this post merely to provide clarity to original readers]


What some of you might remember is that this story’s roots can be traced back to a blog post on October 29, 2007 by Ron Rosenbaum at Pajamas Media.



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Audio/Video embed–Ex-Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell Claims Alien Contact Cover-up

DISCLAIMER: We will take no position pro or con on the reality of alien contact unless and until they get involved in Presidential politics. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Ex-Astronaut: Aliens Are Real and Government Knows It (Fox News)

DISCLAIMER: We will take no position pro or con on the reality of alien contact unless and until they get involved in Presidential politics. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Not sure which is the bigger story here–that Edgar Mitchell has (again) told his story of alien contact or that it was headlined on Fox News.

As some of you may remember, Mitchell (who for all intents and purposes seems quite believable) told this story as far back as 1994 (and maybe earlier).

But, FWIW, here it is (again)…

Former NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr. Edgar Mitchell โ€” a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission โ€” claims aliens exist.

He says extraterrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions โ€” but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades.

Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview in Birmingham, England, that sources in the federal government who had had contact with aliens described the beings as “little people who look strange to us.”

He said supposedly real-life ET’s were similar to the traditional image of a “small gray” โ€” short, slight frame, large eyes and large head.

Continue reading…

Here’s the LINK to audio clip at Kerrang Radio in Birmingham UK that aired the interview. The show is “The Night Before” (the Tuesday show). BTW, this clip seems to work only on Internet Explorer.

You must click on “Karrang Radio” in the left hand menu and then click on “The Night Before” (Tuesday show) to hear the clip.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the post with the audio/video embed…EMBED


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Christian Conservative Leaders Unite to Support McCain (Fox News)

Well, it’s about time!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Christian Conservative Leaders Unite to Support McCain

In a seemingly symbolic move, 100 conservative Christian leaders agreed to unite behind the presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain at a meeting Tuesday in Denver, Colo., Time.com reports.


Concerns exist that Obama โ€œwill decimate moral values,โ€ said Mat Staver, chairman of the Florida law advocacy group Liberty Counsel.

Read the entire article…

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Gingrich on the appeasement furor (H & C on Fox)

Here’s a link to the Hannity and Colmes interview with Newt about the Knesset “appeasement” flap…

H & C on FoxNews.com

Here’s a juicy excerpt…

NEWT GINGRICH, “DAYS OF INFAMY” AUTHOR: All Barack Obama had to say was, “I agree with the president.”


GINGRICH: I don’t think we should talk with terrorists, I don’t think you can negotiate with radicals, and I think that the president made a very good point about 1939, and I don’t think you could have talked Adolf Hitler out of being evil. That’s all he had to say.

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