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Biden says Israel must accept nuclear Iran!

Biden has historically been a strong ally of Israel, so this comment may turn out to be apocryphal. If, however, it turns out to be true, there will be some slippage of support among voters who count themselves strong supporters of Israel.

Here’s an excerpt (read it all at Haaretz)…

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden was quoted Monday as telling senior Israeli officials behind closed doors that the Jewish state will have to reconcile itself to a nuclear Iran.

In the unsourced report, Army Radio also quoted Biden as saying that he opposed “opening a additional military and diplomatic front.”


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TINY — John McCain campaign ad (video embed)

Another great ad from the McCain camp!

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more about "TINY : John McCain campaign ad", posted with vodpod

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Obama, “Bringer of Light” (Video embed–Gerard Baker reads his satirical piece on the “Anointed One”)

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Obama–Angel of Light (Gerard Baker mocks the Anointed One)

UPDATE! See the video and listen to Gerard Baker read his piece on youtube video…click here.

This is hilarious and more than a little scary in its implication. One would think Obama would add a dash of humility to leaven his recipe, but no–he relishes his messiahship.

He ventured forth to bring light to the world
“The anointed one’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a miracle in action – and a blessing to all his faithful followers”

By Gerard Baker
Times UK

And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant), when the whole land from the Arabian desert to the shores of the Great Lakes had been laid barren, that a Child appeared in the wilderness.

The Child was blessed in looks and intellect. Scion of a simple family, offspring of a miraculous union, grandson of a typical white person and an African peasant. And yea, as he grew, the Child walked in the path of righteousness, with only the occasional detour into the odd weed and a little blow.

When he was twelve years old, they found him in the temple in the City of Chicago, arguing the finer points of community organisation with the Prophet Jeremiah and the Elders. And the Elders were astonished at what they heard and said among themselves: “Verily, who is this Child that he opens our hearts and minds to the audacity of hope?”

In the great Battles of Caucus and Primary he smote the conniving Hillary, wife of the deposed King Bill the Priapic and their barbarian hordes of Working Class Whites.

And so it was, in the fullness of time, before the harvest month of the appointed year, the Child ventured forth – for the first time – to bring the light unto all the world.

Continue reading…


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Blunt talk about what an Obama Presidency means for Lebanon!

Here is a link to an excellent article by Barry Rubin at the GLORIA CENTER (Global Research for International Affairs) on what Obama means for the realities of the M.E….Lebanon to West: Wake Up Fast!.

Here’s an excerpt…

Here, make no mistake, Obama is endorsing the Hizballah program. It wants a new Lebanese consensus based on it having, along with its pro-Syrian allies, 51 percent of the power. What’s needed is not consensus (the equivalent being getting Fatah and Hamas to bury their differences, or bringing in Iran and Syria to determine Iraq’s future) but the willingness to fight a battle. In effect, Obama without realizing it, is arguing for a Syrian-, Iranian-, and Hizballah-dominated Lebanon. Such talk makes moderate Arabs despair.

Here, at the “From Beirut to Beltway” blog, is a typical, sarcastic, reaction by Lebanese government supporters:

“Oh the time we wasted by fighting Hizballah all those years….If only we had engaged them and their masters in diplomacy…sitting with them around discussion tables, welcoming them into our parliament, and letting them veto cabinet decisions. If only Obama had shared his wisdom with us before, back when he was rallying with some of our former friends at pro-Palestinian rallies in Chicago. How stupid we were when, instead of developing `national consensus’ with them, we organized media campaigns against Israel on behalf of the impoverished people who voted for them.”

HT to David Frum’s Diary at NRO

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Update: Lebanon (Walid Phares)

Here’s an excerpt…

As of last week, the mighty Hezbollah, armed to the teeth with 30,000 rockets and missiles and aligning thousands of self described “Divine soldiers” has been marching across the capital, terrorizing its population, shutting down media, taking its politicians and the Prime Minister as hostages, and looting at will. The hordes of Lebanon’s “Khomeinist Janjaweeds” have conquered already half of the Middle East’s cultural capital, Beirut. As we have reported before, Hezbollah has occupied West Beirut and has since sent its storm troops in multiple directions to resume the blitz.Unstoppable — including the Lebanese Army which Commander Michel Sleiman has allowed the slaughter to occur — the Pasdaran-founded militia is now hurdling towards the Druze Mountain and positioning its forces against the Sunni North and the Christian Mount Lebanon.Ironically, the geographical bases of Hezbollah, in southern Lebanon, are well guarded by the United Nations Interim Forces (UNIFIL). Per a UNSCR 1701 in 2006, more than 10,000 international troops are stationed across the southern parts of Lebanon, technically protecting the 200 Shia towns and villages from where the bulk of Hezbollah fighters came from. Hence, free from guarding their own areas, perhaps more than ten thousand trained “Hezbollahis” have marched north to join another 5,000 already based in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

Read the rest of the Walid Phares article at Human EventsLebanon’s ‘300’

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Claudia Rosett provides a concise summary of events in Lebanon in today’s edition of NRO. Of course, as dire as the situation appears, we can rest easy knowing that Hezbollah is conducting its operations under the watchful eyes of UNIFIL (*snicker*). With its $713 million annual budget, at least UNIFIL is doing its part in supporting the local economy. Here’s the link…

The Iranian Connection – What’s wrong in Lebanon.

For my money, here’s the “nut graph” in Ms Rosett’s story…

“The truth is that there will be no salvation for Lebanon until there is regime change in Iran. One might dicker over whether an end to the regime in Damascus might suffice, especially given the strong ties that inspire Hezbollah to decorate its rallies in Lebanon with posters of Syrian President Bashar Assad. But the epicenter of the problem; the prime boot camp where Hezbollah foot-soldiers go for indoctrination and terrorist training; the oil-rich moneybags and top dog among this transnational pack of thugs, is the regime of Iran. Until it goes, Hezbollah will have the resources, the safe havens, and the incentive to press on with its role as Iran’s proxy force on Israel’s northern border, and sharp stick in the eye of a White House that hailed and tried to support Lebanon’s 2005 Cedar Revolution.”

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