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Great Photos from McCain-Palin Rally in Dayton at Meghan McCain Blog

Here’s the link to the photos of the McCains and Palins at the Dayton rally Friday…McCainBlogette.com


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“In Search of Cindy McCain”

I thought this was a solid, if brief, biographic study of Cindy McCain. She’s a remarkable woman and will make a great First Lady! Here’s an excerpt and link…

“In Search of Cindy McCain”
By Holly Bailey | NEWSWEEK
June 30 Issue


In the spring of 1979, Cindy joined her parents on a trip to Hawaii. At a Navy cocktail party, a cocky captain came up and introduced himself. John McCain was the Navy’s chief liaison to the Senate in Washington. He was 41, but told her he was 37. Cindy was 24, but told him she was 27. By both accounts, it was love at first sight—though for McCain, it was far more complicated. He was a married father of three. His relationship with his first wife, Carol Shepp, was coming apart, and the two were separating, though he didn’t divulge any of that to Cindy that first night.

“I monopolized her attention the entire time,” McCain writes in “Worth the Fighting For.” Afterward, he persuaded her to join him for drinks at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. At first, Cindy had no idea that her date was a celebrated war hero who’d endured years of torture in a Vietnamese prison. Her parents had to tell her his story. In his book, McCain writes, “they were more welcoming of my attentions to their daughter than I had a right to expect. I doubt I could match their graciousness should I find one of my daughters attracted to someone who reminded me of me.”


Click on the the Pic to read the entire article…

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