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Putin’s lesson for Obama: “words are for sissies!” (Ralph Peters)

“Words” may matter to Obama because he’s a Harvard-trained lawyer who can use them to find a “nuanced” way out of sticky situations, but Putin has demonstrated powerfully by his rape of poor little Georgia that “words” only matter where there is rule of law.

Obama will go to Putin’s knife fight armed with a book of poetry. If he becomes our champion, we deserve what we get.

Ralph Peters covers this matter nicely in THE PEACE-AT-ANY-PRICE PERIL (NYPost).



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Ralph Peters: “RUSSIA’S GEORGIA WIN” (NY Post)

In my opinion, Col. Ralph Peters has been offering the best summaries of the Russia-Georgia situation and continued to do so yesterday in the NY Post. As much as I agree with Col Peters that Russia is the clear winner, it is important to note that there is a silver lining to this catastrophe in the Caucasus.

If Putin had waited until after the 2008 Presidential Election, Obama’s chances would have been much greater and a much weakened U.S. would have worked to Russia’s advantage as they continue to reign in their democracy loving neighbors. Lucky for the West and for McCain, Putin and Russia will be major issues in the campaign from here on out–creating a leadership vacuum tailor-made for McCain.

Thanks “Pootie-Poot” for at least one not-so-small favor.

Here’s excerpt and link to the article in yesterday’s Post

Russia won. Diplomacy failed. No state or alliance will reverse the decision. When President Bush spoke out strongly on Friday, Moscow ignored him: Words mean nothing to Prime Minister Putin, a man who regards all compromise as weakness.

Instead of backing down, Russia suggested that Poland might become a nuclear target for agreeing to host our defensive missile system.

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Ralph Peters’ assessment of the Georgia-Russia conflict. (NY Post)

For my money, Col Peters usually does a pretty darned good job of summing up a military situation.

In today’s NY Post, he gives us his take on what Russia is up to in Georgia. Excerpt and link…

What just happened? The Kremlin decided it was time to act, since Georgia was only growing stronger under its democratically elected government. Although NATO has been hemming and hawing about admitting Georgia, the Russians didn’t want to take any chances. (Just last month, 1,000 US troops were in Georgia for an exercise.)

Calculating that the media and world leaders would be partying in Beijing, the Russians ordered North Ossetian militiamen, backed by Russian “peacekeepers” and mercenaries, to provoke the Georgians earlier this month.

Weary of the Russian presence on their soil, the Georgians took the bait. President Mikheil Saakashvili ordered his US-trained military to respond.

That was the excuse the Kremlin wanted. Immediately, a tank brigade from Russia’s 58th Army (the butchers of Chechnya) crossed the international border into Poland – sorry, I meant Georgia.

How do I know that the Russians set a trap? Simple: Given the wretched state of Russian military readiness, that brigade could never have shot out of its motor pool on short notice. The Russians obviously “task-organized” the force in advance to make sure it would have working tanks with competent crews.

Otherwise, broken-down vehicles would’ve lined those mountain roads.

The Russians planned it. And they hope to push it to the limit.


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From the campaign trail, Obama has postponed his Hawaiian vacation and will fly to Atlanta to meet with Governor Sonny Purdue so that he might get a first-hand look at this attack on the U.S. mainland.

Additionally, he has called on President Bush to put the National Guard Units of all 57 states on full alert.;-)


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Update on the Bush/Obama “appeasement” flap

Charles Hurt in the NY Post writes a follow-up article to yesterday’s “appeasement uproar”…HUGS FOR THUGS COULD SINK NAIVE OBAMA.

Here is an excerpt…

What is it about the word “appeasement” that got Barack Obama‘s ears ringing?

Without once uttering the freshman anti-war senator’s name, President Bush warned against negotiating with terrorists on the futile hope that a little more dialogue will turn these satanic beasts from their death pact to wipe Israel off the map and kill as many American men, women and children as possible.

Obama, who has proposed meeting with the leaders of Iran, Syria and North Korea just as soon as he gets into the White House, heard his name somewhere in the president’s speech and quickly issued a press release.

The White House insisted Obama was simply suffering from the narcissism that convinces so many politicians that everyone is talking about them.

Here’s a link to our comment yesterday…Bush accuses “unnamed” appeasers of “appeasement”…and Obama is offended (heheh)

Scott Johnson at Powerline blog also covers this matter nicely in “The lad he doth protest too much”

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