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Inside Story–How The Enquirer got the goods on John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

If you are curious as to how the National Enquirer chased down the Edwards/Hunter story, here’s the scoop in today’s The New Republic (“Open Tab–The dark art of the ‘National Enquirer” by Gabriel Sherman).

Here’s an excerpt…

In September 2007, Rick Egusquiza, a bartender turned Hollywood reporter who joined the Enquirer in 2000, was sitting at his desk in the paper’s Los Angeles bureau when he answered the tip line. (“I’m a nice guy, so people tell me things,” Egusquiza says.) The anonymous source told him that Edwards was having an affair with Hunter. “I was like, ‘Whoa, this is great,’ ” he recalled. “Not like this is great, but you know, like this is something I want to check out.” The piece was assigned the next day, and Barry Levine, the Enquirer‘s executive editor based in New York, directed the coverage that grew to include nearly a dozen reporters. “We saw some of the videos. It was clear back then, the flirtation was going on. Edwards was like a blushing kid to her,” Egusquiza says.


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By the way…here’s another interesting tidbit from the story…

…the mainstream media knows that presidential candidates are fair game for celebrity tabloids. And the Enquirer will be trying to drive some of that coverage in the months ahead. The Enquirer’s reporters are already out there, digging, hustling, and working their sources. “We are definitely looking into Obama. We hear a lot of tips. I can’t tell you how many things we hear all the time,”



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Edwards admits to affair with Rielle Hunter, denies fathering child

UPDATE at 8:37 pm 8/8/2008: Huffington Post points out that, per Edwards’ statement, Elizabeth Edwards knew about the affair before John declared for the Presidency. Strange complicity considering that, if the public ever found out about the affair, it could severely damage the Democratic Party had Edwards become the nominee.

UPDATE at 5:10 pm 8/8/2008: Per Wall Street Journal

David Bonior, Edwards’ campaign manager, told the Associated Press on Friday that he was disappointed and angry after hearing about Edwards’ confession.

“Thousands of friends of the senators and his supporters have put their faith and confidence in him and he’s let him down,” said Bonior. “They’ve been betrayed by his action.”

Asked whether the affair would damage Edwards’ future aspirations in public service, Bonior replied: “You can’t lie in politics and expect to have people’s confidence.”

Well, here’s the beginning of the end of this story (and of Edwards’ career)…

John Edwards admitted to an affair with his former videographer, Rielle Hunter, in an interview with ABC News, though he denies tabloid reports that he is the father of her child.

In the interview, scheduled to be broadcast Friday night on ABC’s Nightline, the former North Carolina senator said he repeatedly lied about the affair during his failed presidential campaign.

He told ABC News that he didn’t love Hunter, 42, and knew he wasn’t the father of her child because of the timing of the baby’s birth on Feb. 27.

The National Enquirer first reported the allegations in October and published a new report in July on an incident between the tabloid’s reporters and Edwards at a Beverly Hills hotel where Hunter and her child reportedly were staying.

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Will John Edwards speak at the Democratic National Convention?

UPDATE 3:55 pm 8/8/2008: Edwards admits to affair, denies fathering child

UPDATE: Fox News is now hammering this point with their article (posted at 12:57 pm today) “Edwards’ Party Role Clouded by Allegations.”

If Edwards thought he could forever dodge the issue of mistress and love child, he obviously forgot about the convention, which starts on August 25th. He would normally be expected to speak…but he must first clear up the “confusion.”

Did he or didn’t he?

Though the televised media isn’t touching this matter (yet), the print media is beginning to ask. Here’s excerpt and link from The Dallas Morning News article today…

“He absolutely does have to [resolve it]. If it’s not true, he has to issue a stronger denial,” said Gary Pearce, the Democratic strategist who ran Mr. Edwards’ 1998 Senate race.

Mr. Edwards’ decision not to take questions about the allegations has allowed doubts to linger and political bloggers to speculate.


Read the whole article…

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John Edwards/Rielle Hunter Update!

UPDATE 7/29/2008–10:04 AM EDT: So far there seems to be no additional MSM press coverage in the U.S. of this matter. Keeping an eye on things and will report if the dam springs a leak.


Everyone now knows the story broken by the National Enquirer of the alleged tryst of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter at the Beverly Hilton on the night of July 21st and its subsequent confirmation by Fox News reporters who spoke with a Beverly Hilton security guard who stated for the record that…

he encountered a shaken and ashen-faced Edwards — whom he did not immediately recognize — in a hotel men’s room early Tuesday morning in a literal tug-of-war with reporters on the other side of the door.

This story was not initially picked up by the U.S. media (other than National Enquirer and Fox News) but was reported in the UK this morning by the Times UK (“Sleaze scuppers Democrat golden boy”) and then by The Independent UK.

NewsBusters now reports that “Cracks (are) Emerging in MSM Wall of Silence on Edwards Scandal” and cites a story in the Hartford Courant by Kevin Rennie.

[CORRECTION: per Ron Rosenbaum–see his comment below–the following is incorrect in that Ron’s original story was subsequently clarified to indicate that it was not about Edwards. The erroneous Backstory is left in this post merely to provide clarity to original readers]


What some of you might remember is that this story’s roots can be traced back to a blog post on October 29, 2007 by Ron Rosenbaum at Pajamas Media.


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Was John Edwards busted in visit to Rielle Hunter and “lovechile”?

I hate myself for posting this 😉 but it is just too much fun to pass up.

Looks like Edwards was caught visiting Rielle Hunter and baby at the Beverly Hilton on the evening of July 21st. Here’s the link and excerpt from Slate…

Edwards, Busted–The National Enquirer catches him.
By Mickey Kaus
Updated Wednesday, July 23, 2008, at 1:56 AM ET

Edwards, Rielle Hunter, Busted: HuffPo ‘s Sam Stein, who got the story rolling, appears to be vindicated…

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